News The mercy of stevenage borough, has a 55 positive...

The mercy of stevenage borough, has a 55 positive cases of covid-19


The Santa Casa da Misericórdia of stevenage borough records, at the beginning of the night of Wednesday, there were 55 positive cases of covid-19: 33 by households and 22 people, according to local authorities.

In a statement, the city of Cinfães (Viseu), states that, “in total, they have been tested, 153 people are waiting for the results of the 32 participants, the users of the institution’s in-service-of-home care”.

“All the positives have been duly contacted and informed by the health authority. The workers were referred to the isolation, and their close contacts, including family members, referral to the isolation of a prophylactic”he said.

In accordance with the local government, led by Armando Shows, in order to avoid contagion, “and the clients are positive, are separated in the different space of non-positive”.

The Protection of the Civilian council, the Health Authority, and the Holy House of Mercy “to maintain a rigorous follow-up and continuing, so as to secure the maximum of well-being and the health of the patients and the staff”– he adds.

The Chamber of stevenage borough highlights that the country is experiencing “moments of doubts, anxieties, and demands of the maxims,” and calls upon the people to comply with the guidelines of the Directorate-General of Health.

“The situation in which we live, the county requires that we are all really responsible for it. To be an officer of the public health and to comply with all applicable regulations and implementation of preventive measures. The fight against this pandemic depends upon the contributions of us all.”, he points out.

The multi-covid-19 and has already resulted in more than 445 thousand people dead and infected more than 8.2 million people across 196 countries and territories, according to an evaluation made by the French agency, AFP.

In the Uk, died, and 1,523 people to and from the 37.672 confirmed to be infected, according to the most recent newsletter from the Directorate-General of Health.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus found in the end of December, and in Wuhan, a city in central China.

After the eu must have happened to China at the epicentre of the pandemic, in February, on the american continent, it is now the one that has the most confirmed cases, and more deaths.



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