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The Marseillais in the Caribbean: Allan and Cassandre kiss, Benjamin Samat and Océane very close … Replay of episode 30


During episode 29 of the Marseillais in the Caribbean, Victoria and Eloïse quarreled because of Paga. And tonight, the atmosphere is still very tense between the two ex. If they admit that they are falling in love with each other, they do not get back together. Finally, it is especially Vivi who wants to paddle a little Paga. Thing that hurts the young man. The next day, Paga decides to wake up the whole villa by tapping on pans. And it is with joy and good humor that Kevin Guedj offers a musical game. Whoever moves will have a pledge. Nicolas kisses Eloise on the cheek. And Allan also decides to make one for the pretty blonde to make Cassandre jealous. It works !


Later, the candidates leave in a cenote. All except Victoria. Paga wants her to stay at the villa so she can see that he is serious with her. Vivi is obviously a little disappointed, but she doesn’t show it. And during this outing, Cassandre agreed to kiss Allan if he jumped into the water. The young man did not hesitate long to do it! Allan and Cassandre therefore exchanged a little kiss. For her part, Eloïse confides to her comrades that she loves Nicolas very much, but she does not have too much feeling with him. Basically, she will not couple then Benji’s best friend.


Meanwhile in Cuba, Julien Tanti, Manon Marsault, Maeva Ghennam, Greg, Océane and Benjamin Samat discover their villa. In the process, they go to work. If for Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault, the shooting is a formality, it is something else for Océane and Benjamin Samat. They are very stressed and embarrassed during the shooting, but they do the job. And for their comrades, there is alchemy. Manon and Julien even find that there are looks that do not deceive! Maeva, she watches to swing everything at Alix. And the young woman also revealed to Greg that she really wanted to be in a relationship with him. Tomorrow, Nacca and Alix will disembark. But before, find out if you know Greg well.



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