The Lufthansa share at German airports is this large

August 29, 2019, 4:10 p.m.

The Lufthansa Group is the undisputed market leader in Germany. Its two hubs and the presence of Eurowings at medium-sized airports are the measure of all things. But there are also a number of airports that can do without the crane.

Munich Airport satellite terminal

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The Lufthansa Group is firmly in the saddle as a top dog in German air traffic. Around 54 percent of all departures from German airports are operated by one of the group’s airlines. Most of it comes from the major hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, where the share is around two thirds.

Around 625,000 of the approximately 950,000 seats currently offered per week at Frankfurt Airport are brought up into the air by the airlines of the Lufthansa Group. The market share is 65 percent. In Munich there are around 460,000 of 674,000 seats or 68 percent. So far, only the network airlines Lufthansa Passage, Swiss and Austrian Airlines plus the holiday plane Sun Express have started in Frankfurt, with a good 36,000 seats in Munich there is also an increasing trend for the low-cost branch Eurowings. However, with 375,000 seats on offer, Lufthansa Passage is around ten times as strong. In winter, however, there will be long Eurowings routes from Munich again.

At the other German airports, however, it is primarily Eurowings that ensures the presence of the Lufthansa Group. The low-cost carrier, which has now taken over all Lufthansa routes away from Frankfurt and Munich, is by far the number one at the airports in Düsseldorf, Cologne / Bonn, Stuttgart and Hamburg. The airports are also served by Swiss, Austrian, Brussels Airlines and Sun Express, so that the group has a market share of between 50 and 60 percent at all of the locations mentioned.

Share of the airlines in the Lufthansa Group in the seating capacity offered at German airports
Airport LH Group share in percent
HDF 100
DRS 82
GWT 78
FMO 76
MUC 68
FRA 65
PAD 60
CGN 59
HAM 54
DUS 53
STR 52
RLG 52
LEJ 47
BRE 47
HAJ 43
NUE 39
FDH 39
TXL 35
SCN 27
DTM 15
FKB 14

Source: ch-aviation / OAG

Berlin is an exception for Lufthansa from the larger airport locations. At the two airports in Tegel and Schönefeld together, the group has a market share of only 25 percent, although it is not represented at all in Schönefeld. Ryanair has the largest capacity there, in Tegel Easyjet. With around 42,000 seats each week, Lufthansa and Eurowings share second place at the larger of Berlin’s two airports. Both have a market share of 13 percent each.

The Lufthansa Group accounts for between 40 and 50 percent of all departures at the smaller commercial airports in Hanover, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Bremen. Their share is particularly large in Dresden (82 percent), Münster (76 percent) and Paderborn (60 percent). In particular, the feeder flights of Lufthansa Passage to Frankfurt and Munich are an important factor in the flight schedule at these locations. This also applies to Friedrichshafen, where the LH share is 39 percent.

In Heringsdorf on the holiday island of Usedom, the airline group’s share is as high as 100 percent. Eurowings, Swiss and Lufthansa Passage are the only airlines on the site. In Westerland, which is also characterized by high-quality tourism, 78 percent of all seats are offered by Lufthansa airlines.

Capacity offered by the Lufthansa Group at German airports
Airport Weekly offer LH Group seats rounded in thousands / KW36
FRA 624
MUC 460
DUS 191
HAM 129
TXL 112
CGN 106
STR 100
HAJ 41
NUE 24th
LEJ 18th
DRS 16
BRE 15
FMO 11
FKB 3rd
FDH 3rd
GWT 3rd
SCN 2nd
HDF 0.5

Source: ch-aviation / OAG

When looking at the absolute numbers of available capacity, the turnstile function of Frankfurt and Munich catches the eye. Well over half of all flights of the group starting in Germany originate from the hubs.

At the regional airports in Dortmund, Karlsruhe and Saarbrücken, there are a few Eurowings flights that ensure a low double-digit market share, but the absolute number of seats offered is low with 1,000 to 5,000 seats. However, the Lufthansa Group is not represented at all in Weeze, Erfurt, Hahn, Kassel and Mannheim.

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