The Los Angeles Lakers walked against the Phoenix Suns – basketball – NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers are in good shape at the start of 2016 and made the Phoenix Suns pay on Sunday night (97-77). The Californian franchise signed a third consecutive victory, the second at the start of the month, without ever being worried by clumsy Suns (36%). Lou Williams finished top scorer of the game (30 pts to 11/17, 7 rebounds), ahead of Brandon Knight (25 pts to 10/25, 9 wt). Kobe Bryant, already absent two days ago, has been left to rest with pain in his right shoulder.


Prior to December 30, the Los Angeles Lakers had won just 5 games. They had never managed to string together two victories.

The locals made the difference from the start of the match, with a one-sided first quarter (25-10, 12th). On their way, Byron Scott’s men joined the locker room with a 21-point lead (43-22, 24th). Back on their floor, they increased the gap to 38 points (74-36, 32nd) before slacking off on the remaining time. This series of successes has, it seems, inspired the Lakers, who want to prolong the fun. “Once you win a match and then a second one then you start to pay attention to what helped you get there., Lou Williams said. Now guys are communicating more and are confident that we will play for them, instead of having the ball stay in their hands once everyone receives it.“. Tuesday night, this more conquering state of mind will be put to the test of the Golden State Warriors …


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