The Long Tail of the ‘HTI’ Flag Affairs at the KPK Prosecutor’s Desk


The flag looks like Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) on one of the prosecutors’ desks NCP long tail. This spread to the issue of Novel Baswedan et al who were recently fired due to the polemic of the national insight test (TWK).

The excitement about this HTI-like flag stems from the circulation of an open letter by a person named Iwan Ismail who claimed to have been fired by the KPK about 2 years ago. Iwan admitted that at that time he worked as a non-permanent employee at NCP in the security section or in short as a security guard.

Iwan Ismail started working on November 14, 2018 and attended training in managing detention centers and escorting prisoners. At that time he admitted to seeing a white flag with black writing which he called the HTI flag on the desk of a KPK employee on the 10th floor of the Red and White Building.

Time passed until 20 September 2019 when the KPK was rocked by the ‘Taliban’ issue, Iwan Ismail claimed to have found the same flag and took a photo of it. Iwan Ismail said he would report his findings, but first disseminated them to the Bandung Regency Banser WhatsApp group. Iwan Ismail himself claimed to be a member of Banser.

After that, the photo taken and distributed by Iwan Ismail went viral. Iwan Ismail’s tail was judged ethically by the KPK Internal Supervisor (PI) because at that time the KPK Supervisory Board (Dewas) had not been formed. Iwan Ismail was found to have violated the code of ethics and was fired.

Denny Siregar vs Febri Diansyah

Denny Siregar through his Twitter account then threw an attack. Denny Siregar said Iwan Ismail was fired by Novel Baswedan.

“Iwan Ismail the old security guard NCP was fired by Novel Baswedan, for photographing a desk with an HTI flag on it. Novel Baswedan was fired by the KPK because he did not pass the TWK. People say life is not fair. But there are times when justice comes in the form of more painful vengeance,” wrote Denny Siregar.

Denny Siregar’s tweet was replied to by former KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah. Febri Diansyah said Novel Baswedan was not the party authorized to fire someone at the KPK.

“In this tweet you @Dennysiregar7 wrote that the security guard was fired by Novel, even though Novel was a KPK investigator who had no relationship and had no authority to dismiss employees. Even though Novel was on another floor and the flag photographed on the prosecutor’s desk was on a different floor. What lies are you spreading? What for?” Febri said.

Denny Siregar did not stay silent. He returned Febri’s teasing.


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