Health The latest mortal for the treatment of SK ......

The latest mortal for the treatment of SK … steroid treatment my


Announced the World Health Organization said yesterday Tuesday that the steroid treatment for my of the novel coronavirus these 19 considered a scientific breakthrough, enabling British scientists discover the real estate to be cheap and widely available one.

Steroid therapy is a human for the treatment of MERS-CoV:

Scientists have test for that property which is derived from a compound of steroids and so on more than two thousand patients infected with HIV epidemiological persons who suffer from serious symptoms of the virus.

It is considered a compound steroid is a chemical compounds are manufactured even lead role like a hormone natural, and then is used in the treatment of a number of health disorders and other diseases.

This has contributed to this property that holds the name of the dexamethasone that he is working on the reduction of mortality by the three patients from serious symptoms of the virus, which was placed under a respirator.

And that according to the results of preliminary tests conducted by researchers from the University of Oxford has helped the real estate on the treatment of persons who did not have the ability to breathe only through the devices by 35%.

While reducing mortality from receiving oxygen at the rate of five according to the preliminary results have helped to reduce the mortality rate of 20% amid patients Koroma who need oxygen due to the virus that set off from China, scientists say, because that says to save the number ranges between 4 and 5 thousand people in the case of its use in the early stage of the virus.


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