Health The full story of the attack on Amr Rady...

The full story of the attack on Amr Rady after the videos “Medicines vs. Folos”


“YouTube” Amr Rady is being attacked by the pioneers of social networking sites, after the last video that appeared to him through his account on “Instagram”, inviting his followers, to follow some people in a list he published, in exchange for obtaining some medicines that are not available in the market, This was considered by some people as improper, due to the fact that many people did not find these medicines, as a hashtag of the name “Computer Amr Radi” spread in the last hours.

Medical supplies

In the video published by Amr Rady through his account on “Instagram”, 10 thousand boxes of drugs appear next to him, who says himself that they are not in the market at all, and he invited those who follow him to participate in this matter through the followers entering the list of people that Amr Rady follows, And they follow up on them.

Side of the video (2)
Side of the video (2)

Some of the pioneers of social networking sites claimed that Amr Radi was the one who bought these medicines from certain companies, and one of the attackers said, “Since the state is successively striving for someone to store medicines that a person must be punished.”

Another claimed, saying, “Amr, take from 250 people an amount of 6000 pounds for each one, to provide them with the fullers and tell the followers, take a minute of your time and do them unfollow.”

Side of the video
Side of the video

For his part, Amr Rady responded to the incident and the attack he was exposed to through a video posted on “Facebook”, in which he said, “I have been doing content on the Internet for 8 years … and people are following me to watch it … so I stayed with Follers and the numbers got proud. ..And we all know that the flu has continued to make ads like the actors … and since a lot of people look up high … in other people, they do small projects .. .. and this is my right .. even 10 people call me .. I take from each one 10 pounds .. I enter and eat my life from this .. and in return this is to make gifts for the people who follow me .. such as mobile phones or headphones and others. “

Amr added, “The money that I took from the ads … I decided to donate 30% of them in my own way … the good that I chose to do in our crisis with Corona from my own pocket .. I went to a company that works with masks and medical needs and told me about a specific company .. I went to the company I took a quantity and distributed it to the hospitals .. When I got up, I thank the people for the support and assistance. The people understood my mistake here. “

Amr Rady
Amr Rady

Amr also published a group of videos while distributing medical products to isolation hospitals to help doctors, patients with the Corona virus, and people receiving treatment from these hospitals.



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