The Family Clarifies the Allegation of Atta Halilintar’s Father Involved in Heresy


Atta Halilintar’s father, Halilintar Anofial Asmid, is suspected to have been involved in the Darul Arqam cult. / Photo: Instagram

JAKARTA – The issue of bad taste is plaguing large families Atta Lightning . The father, Halilintar Anofial Asmid, is suspected to have been involved in the Darul Arqam cult.

Regarding the widely circulated issue, Atta Halilintar’s uncle finally spoke up. He clarified the news regarding Anofial Asmid’s involvement with Genre the.

“If the rumor is that it follows a deviant organization or congregation, that is not true,” said Atta Halilintar’s uncle, as quoted from the Intens Investigasi YouTube channel, Saturday (14/5/2022).

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Anofial Asmid’s younger brother also explained that the teachings of the Darul Arqam organization did not deviate from the teachings of Rosul. According to him, not only from dressing but to building a sharia economy.

“Darul Arqam, in my opinion, at that time there were very few Islamic organizations that implemented the Sunnah of the Prophet. Not only in terms of clothing, from eating and drinking, education, to building the economy,” he said.

It’s just that, Atta Halilintar’s uncle mentioned that there were differences in Darul Arqam’s teachings which were called khilafiyah.

“This is a difference in Islam, which is not on the issue of monotheism, but on the branch,” he explained.

Previously, the same thing was also expressed by Atta Halilintar. Atta reiterated that he always received good and useful lessons from his parents. Not heresy as alleged.

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“What is certain is that from childhood I have always been taught good and useful things for my life,” admits Atta.


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