The extraordinary case of the man who walked and talked again after receiving the Covid vaccine

An Indian man who was paralyzed and mute after a car accident in 2017, surprise the doctors having regained speech and mobility after being vaccinated against Covid-19. According to him, it is a “miraculous” hit.

Dularchand Munda, 55, severely injured her spine in a trageid. Consequently, it was bedridden and unable to speak. After years of suffering, and after receiving the Covishield vaccine, he could feel his legs return.

Dularchand Munda (55 years old) suffered a car accident that left him bedridden and unable to speak.

moments later, began to move and transit with the help of a cane. In another apparent “miracle”, managed to speak for the first time since the accidentreported NDTV. Dularchand, from the village of Salgadih, said: “I’m glad I got this vaccine”.

Along the same lines, he added: “I can move my legs after getting the vaccine on January 4. My voice came back and my feet moved too”. Surprised, the scientists try to discover how he managed to recover in record time.

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The testimony of doctors on the extraordinary case of Dularchand Munda

Upon learning of the case, Dr. Jitendra Kumar stated: “I am amazed to see this. But scientists have to determine it.” “The condition after receiving the vaccine is incredible,” added the professional who lives in the same city as Munda.

And he concluded: “If he had recovered from a medical condition of no more than a few days, it could be understood; but suddenly recovered from a five-year medical condition.” Albel Kerketta, from the Petarwar health center, also spoke.

Miracle Vaccine Covid
“I can move my legs after getting the vaccine. My voice came back and my feet moved too,” Munda said.

“Accurate information and answers will be available in the coming days when the medical world conducts an investigation into Dularchand Munda disease and his recovery.”, he ventured hopefully.

The village teacher, Raju Munda, is in no doubt that the incident is a miracle: “How can the Covid-19 vaccine work wonders?”. Finally, it remains to know the testimony of the people close to the 55-year-old man.

Dularchand’s family provided details about his life after the tragedy. They said that Munda received treatment after the car accident, but he never regained the ability to walk, until now. His voice also faltered as a result.

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