The creator of BioNTech refused to be vaccinated? Lie – it’s already even with the third dose

The discoverer of the COVID-19 vaccine is now in the third dose. PHOTO: PHOTO: Reuters

The creator of the BioNTech vaccine, Dr. Ugur Shahin, had refused to be immunized with his own drug against COVID-19. This news creeps into a video shared on Twitter and YouTube.

“Dr. Ugur Shahin, creator of the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine, refuses to be vaccinated with his own product for security reasons,” wrote a user of the video, which was released these days and was commented on by many.

However, it was later rumored that this was speculation, as the video was made 1 year ago, when priority was given in Germany to immunizing first the elderly over 80 and people at risk. That is why Dr. Shahin replied: “Currently, the law does not allow me to get vaccinated.” And to the next question why he explains that he respects the priorities for vaccination in Germany.

Although the video is no longer relevant, it continues to make suggestions and stir up anti-vaccination sentiment. However, it turned out that Dr. Ugur Sahin was not only vaccinated with two needles, but also put on a booster dose of the vaccine, a Deutsche Welle inspection found.


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