News The Chef care about the turmoil in The Hague:...

The Chef care about the turmoil in The Hague: a small group has to ruin it


The chairman of the meetings of the security of the Place, the mayor Bruls, it is a pity that we will be in The Hague for a number of people have ruined it for the rest of us. During a demonstration against the coronamaatregelen vomiting, disturbances of which, according to the police, football supporters, the confrontation, went to be with the agents. Around the demonstrate, about 400 arrests have been made.

The protests of the population, Viruswaanzin was made on Friday by the deputy lord mayor Remkes bannedbecause there was reason to fear that there will be a lot of people would come out. Yesterday it was decided Remkes as a form of protest, even when there are a lot of people to Arrive have been published. They were given a short demonstration of up to 13: 30 hrs to hold, provided that they have enough distance from each other, one of love, and then had to leave.

The protesters said that they would respond, but few are left, not right. According to the reporters on the spot, there were about 2,000 protestors at the massive open air show.

President Bruls said NOS Radio 1 Journaal to begin to understand that people want to do. “I understand all of what they are looking for, but I do have a little understanding for people who have different reasons to go there again,” referring to the riots.


According to Bruls seemed to be a demonstration in The Hague for a while, good to go. “The majority of people, it is easy to communicate with in the organisation. The problem is a small group of people who it came from. A number of people really spoil it for the rest of us.”

The mayor Remkes, said yesterday that the riots, separated from the demonstration. “This has nothing to do with the demonstration, or freedom of expression,” said Remkes, yesterday. “It was intentional from the disturbance of the public order.”

Click here to view the images on the 1.5-meterprotest:


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