The Catalan Government’s spokesperson bundles it up by politicizing a solidarity collection of toys


The Catalan Government spokesperson and Minister of the Presidency, Meritxell Budó, He has rolled it again, this time in the campaign ‘No child without a toy’, which is organized every year by Cadena SER in Catalonia. Budó had to contribute an object to be auctioned and, faithful to the principles of independence to impregnate all activity with politics, he chose send a political message disguised as a gift.

The counselor provided a ballot box of those used in the illegal referendum of October 1, 2017, to which he put a red bow, packaged as a gift from Kings. In this way, the ballot box shared the limelight with a guitar by Joan Manuel Serrat, Rafinha’s boots, Neymar’s shirts or the new Barça idol, Pedri, or a cap from the Mossos d’Esquadra’s ‘major’ himself, Josep Lluís Trapero.

In a video broadcast on social media, Budó explained that his ‘gift’ “is a ballot box with which we were able to vote on October 1”

In a video broadcast on social networks, Budó explained that his ‘gift’ “is an urn with which we were able to vote on October 1. And why did I donate this urn? October 1st we went to vote because we wanted a better future. A better future for our boys and girls, and therefore I have thought that this gift was very appropriate because if we want a better future, we will need to freely decide again what the future of our country should be “.

Citizens publicly accused her of politicize “a solidarity toy collection” and added: “Not even the night of the Twelfths can you park your separatist obsession? Leave the children alone ”. Also the parliamentary spokesman, Nacho Martín Blanco, issued a very critical tweet, accompanying the video of the counselor: “Definition of nationalist ‘kitsch’: pretentious scene or object, tasteless, regressive or childish. It even tastes bad to see a person in his maturity make such a ridiculous, disproportionate and grotesque. The worst thing is that he is serious”.

At the auction, the urn was sold for 250 euros, the same amount, for example, as a T-shirt and several books of Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril, a Tolkien book donated by Juan Antonio Bayona, some Coutinho boots or a shirt from the Catalan soccer team. The object that raised the most was an Alfred García guitar, the young musician from ‘Operación Triunfo’, which fetched 4,550 euros, followed by a Serrat guitar, bought for 3,600 euros.

A Josef Ajram bicycle fetched 2,600 euros and a shirt from RCD Espanyol of Raúl de Tomás reached 2,000 euros. A Roger Federer t-shirt and postcards were purchased for 1,200 euros and a painting of the singer Manolo García, for 1,100 euros. Trapero’s cap was bought for 930 euros, while a red card signed by Maradona and donated by referee Eduardo Iturralde sold for 900 euros. In total, the auction raised 52,570 euros.


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