The big moment for Czech MMA is here! The walk will challenge the Destroyer in the main match

Both fighters also have traditional pre-match weighing. The Czech samurai did not have much difficulty overcoming weight. He weighed and a 92.5 kilogram weight shone on the scale. Worried was the American rancher Dominick Reyes, who had been waiting a long time for weighing. In the end, however, he also fit in with 93.2 kilograms. The staredown itself took place without major conflicts, in a completely correct way.

And how does he see the most anticipated match of the evening of the UFC tournament on ESPN 23 the main faces of the domestic MMA scene? He almost unanimously believes in the victory of the Czech rancher.

Walk vs. Reyes
Age 28 let 31 let
Height 193 cm 193 cm
Weight 92,5 kg 93,2 kg
Matches 31 14
Wins 27 (24 K.O.) 12 (7 K.O.)
Defeats 3 2
Draw 1 0
Current series 11 wins 2 defeats
The first match 2012 2014

“It’s phenomenal that a boy from the village goes to the main game of the evening in Las Vegas. Anything can happen, but I firmly believe in Jirka’s victory. I wish he’d grab it. It deserves it for how it works, “said Michal Martínek, who has his second performance at the Russian organization ACA. The heavyweight fighter defeated the Lithuanian rival Tomas Pakutinski.

Jiří Procházka tuned in to Hamburg at Fight Week. He doesn’t have to crash much in front of Reyes

I believe that Jirka can win. He is a more complex wrestler. He also has more experience in MMA. In the match with Blachowicz, it was clear that Reyes is not used to pressure and will not like the tough style that Jirka has, “said Matěj Peňáz. He was a frequent sparring partner for Procházka in preparation, because he is one of the best Czech postmen Likewise, the American Destroyer is a left-handed warrior.

“I am 100% convinced that he will win. I don’t think we can do him good sparring like Reyes has, but I don’t know anyone like Denisa. He was born somewhere in Hostěradice, managed to get into the UFC and defeats the best wrestlers in the world. I do not believe that there is anyone in a semi-heavy weight who could endanger him, “confirms the belief in the victory of the domestic fighter Miloš Petrášek, another of the fighters who took part in Procházka’s training.

Preparations are in full swing. A double title challenger is waiting for Procházka!

“In the first half of the first round he will go beautifully technically with his hands up, good movement and he will watch over it. Then he gets something there, jumps in, puts his hands down, has three or four more punches. But then he pulls out his back there and finishes Reyes around the second round, “Patrik Kincl estimated the exact course of the duel.


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