The acceleration of Draghi. The marriage between Lufthansa and Ita will take place

The announcement may already arrive next week: 40 per cent to the Germans, pending the approval of the EU. The plan: hiring, more planes and Fiumicino hub. The League takes the blow

That marriage has to be done and will be done. It is only a matter of days and Lufthansa will enter with 40 percent in Ita Airways, the company born on the ashes of Alitalia. The agreement, according to the information gathered by the sheet, could be announced next week. The German company has been on stand-by for years, but in recent days a tightening has been reached on the key aspects, such as the financial endowment, the consolidation of the accounts, the role of theFiumicino airport which would become the hub for direct flights to Africa and part of the routes to America, the integration of purchases as is already the case for other airlines that ended up in the “German air confederation”.

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