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Teslasuit is working on a virtual reality glove that lets users feel objects in real life. The Teslasluit Glove can also measure biometric data as a heartbeat. The Teslasuit Glove is intended for companies to be released in the second half of 2020.

The Teslasuit Glove can function alone, but can also be connected via WiFi to the vr suit that Teslasuit already introduced. The Teslasuit Glove is, just like the full-body suit, mainly intended for training, rehabilitation after medical interventions, motion capture and other professional applications.

The glove offers haptic and force feedback by means of nine electrodes for each finger, which are positioned in a 3×3 grid on the fingertips. These electrodes must mimic the sensation sensation, while the glove’s plastic shell must produce resistance and vibrations. The glove also has a pulse oximeter, with which biometric data can be collected as a heartbeat, so that the glove can estimate the stress level of users, among other things. The glove can also measure the precise movements and positions of fingers and wrists.

The Teslasuit Glove competes with other vr gloves like HaptX and the Dutch Manus VR. The former has more accurate haptic feedback with 130 feedback points over the entire surface of the glove, but has no biometric functions.

Teslasuit shows the vr glove during CES 2020 in January, but attendees cannot yet test the glove, as the Teslasuit Glove is still in a testing phase. The glove must be released in the second half of 2020. About a suggested retail price is not yet mentioned. Similar vr gloves from other companies cost thousands of euros.

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