News Terreurverdachte After N. korea has a regret: "After the...

Terreurverdachte After N. korea has a regret: “After the arrest, went to the button to


“I have a lot of regrets,” he said on the third day of the terreurproces in the area of jurisdiction. “And it’s also not a day goes by that I don’t regret. All of the things I have become aware that it is one hundred percent against my religion. But it is also one-hundred percent against humanity.”

‘Make a kill’

It stands in contrast to a tapped telephone conversation that he was a year and a half ago, introduced by his mother. Therein, he said, in part: “I swear by the Qur’an. Allah is my witness.” If I have to, in the name of God, to the explosion, would I want to kill him, because she is not a muslim. Of these people, or hypocrites, or ignorant. These people deserve to die.”

N. korea says he was provoked, and have been brain-washed by him by ITS agents. “That I have ever been so naive, and stupid me, I was enticed by the two characters. I am now trying very hard with the imam and to work to get the poison out of myself and into the world.”

Button went on to

After the N. it was in september of 2018 shall be responded to in a holiday home in Antwerp, where he and three fellow suspects bomvesten, and the weapons were taken over by infiltrators from the police. According to the justice in the Netherlands, this will be a touch down.

At the time of the arrest, went to the button to get in,” said N, who had previously been convicted and sentenced for attempted exits from the terreurbeweging HAS declared a caliphate, and under the supervision of probation. He concealed, for the rehabilitation of his double life. “A sincere change is the only thing that I can do it.”

N. said that he had a book to write about for young people against radicalisation. “It’s not cowardly to change it.” In his own words, he was the terrorist wing of the prison in Vught, the first of which, the beard, the afschoor. “And I can also give women a hand.”

“One hundred percent, no

At the request of the court, that he aanslagplannen would have to stick to that plan, he said, “one Hundred percent, no. I was, however, tainted by the ideology. I have been doing for years, but it had to be one hundred percent does not take place.”

Up to now, claiming that he himself, during the trial of his right to remain silent. If he is truly sorry, ” says the public prosecutor’s office, should he make any statements about the events. “In dealing with the past should also be held accountable. You can ask the court to order you to believe in it. I would suggest the opposite, that it is very complicated, it is a person to believe, that any such disclosure provides.”

The leaders will on Friday continue. Then it comes down TO the strafeisen for each of the six people from arnhem.


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