take off in October, we start with 52 planes

Green light for Ita from Brussels. With the take-off, and it is finally an official date, October 15th. It starts with 52 planes and 2,750-2,950 between pilots and flight attendants, even if the numbers are still dancing. It will reach 5,750 in 4 years, while for maintenance and handling respectively 2,650-2,700 and 1,100-1250 hires are expected, again from Alitalia obviously. New green aircraft will be purchased next year to bring the fleet first to 78 and then, in 2025, to 105. At the end of a grueling final negotiation that lasted over a month, the expected ok with the turning point has arrived. A very hard tug of war to file the last details that ended late Wednesday evening with the go-ahead for the new industrial plan continuously updated and implemented by CEO Fabio Lazzerini. The director of the operation who, in agreement with Palazzo Chigi and the Treasury, has never surrendered to the diktats of Brussels and who has now received the yes.

Alitalia-Ita, employees and planes

A 2021-2025 plan that marks, as requested by Commissioner Vestager, the discontinuity with the past and closes the thorny Alitalia dossier after 5 years of extraordinary administration. The road, in truth, appeared to be downhill only after the political agreement reached at the end of May between President Mario Draghi, who took the field personally, and the EU commission. It must be said that until the last moment the Euroburocrats tried to lengthen the times, by setting new and stringent conditions. The balance, considering the risks of bankruptcy and the rigidities that had to be overcome, is all in all positive even if Ita will have to cut the fleet, at least in a first phase, compared to that of Alitalia and give up part of the Linate and Fiumicino slots. The renunciation of the Millemiglia program is even more painful, but Ita has new initiatives in mind to retain travelers and not lose the accumulated benefits. The board of Ita, chaired by Alfredo Altavilla, not only took note of the change, but approved the next steps. It is therefore preparing to launch, as anticipated by the Messenger, the maxi capital increase of 700 million to participate in the public tenders that the old Alitalia prepares to banish. The first will concern the historic tricolor brand, considered indispensable by the government, then it will be the turn of the aviation branch, then the handling, where Ita will be the majority shareholder of the new company, and, finally, that for maintenance, where the company will have a minority share. , supporting other investors.

On the slot front, the lifeblood of the companies, Ita will keep 85% of those held by Alitalia on Linate, and 43% on Fiumicino. This is not a serious damage given that the latter is less congested than in Milan and that the slots can be bought back. “Over the course of the plan – it is made known – we will proceed with the purchase of those necessary for growth”.

But when can you buy an Ita ticket? Marketing will start on August 15 after obtaining the OK for the Enac certifications. Satisfied the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco, those of Infrastructures Enrico Giovanni and that of Mise Giancarlo Giorgetti for whom the termination of Alitalia is scheduled for next 15 October. The minister specified that purchasers of tickets for flights after this date “will be protected”. In this regard, a specific fund of 100 million has been set up. Returning to the Ita plan, Lazzerini reiterated that the company will be an efficient, green, modern carrier capable of guaranteeing the country’s connectivity and developing tourism and foreign trade. Making the most of digital platforms and cutting-edge technologies. Already in 2022 the fleet will grow to 78 aircraft (+26 on 2021) of which 13 medium-long range wide body (+6 on 2021) and 65 narrow body, i.e. medium-short range. At the end of 2025 the fleet will grow to 105 aircraft (23 wide body and 82 narrow body), with 81 new generation aircraft (equal to 77% of the total fleet). A single strategic partner for aircraft is expected over the course of the plan, in order to eliminate the complexity and inefficiencies deriving from operating with a fleet of aircraft from different manufacturers. It starts in October with 45 destinations to reach 89. Focus on the long haul (America) and on profitable routes. The economic objectives at the end of the plan are ambitious: turnover of 3,329 million euros, with an economic result of 209 million and an operational breakeven to be achieved by the third quarter of 2023. Objectives, Altavilla and Lazzerini swear, which will be achieved and to which every power.


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