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Supervisor, Strategic: the concern here is too much of a business model to become


The Dutch healthcare authority (nederlandse zorgautoriteit / NZa) and wants to put an end to that “nonsense” is a medical treatment that is not working. According to the Dutch healthcare authority as a bekostigingssysteem in which less emphasis is placed on the productieprikkels. “The concern here is too much of a business model become,” says Mary Kaljouw, chairman of the board of the Dutch healthcare authority. “We need to look at how we are going to be able to run it. That is, we are less concerned with the production, but it will do what it takes.”

The Dutch healthcare authority, that the rates are in the care of finds, and also determine what care is reimbursed, to see that the wrong incentives in the current health care system will lead to the provision of unnecessary care. According to the Kaljouw is, for example, to have precision operations on the knee in the elderly, treatments for sleep disorders like apnea. Other care, such as checkups and huisartsenbezoek, ask Kaljouw however, what is problematic is that, at the time of coronacrisis went down.

Care agencies, and medical professionals who are not employed, are given for each transaction being paid. “People are excited to get production running,” says Kaljouw. “Maybe we need to see the medical specialists have to cancel and say: the specialists, just like everyone else, are in paid employment.”

The supervisor of the department of public Health has been commissioned to look at how, in the aftermath of the coronacrisis other funding can contribute to the prevention of overtreatment, and the promotion of digital health care.

High end treatment

During the coronacrisis explained, hospitals of the regular care of, partially, or even completely stopped. There was a ‘lake’ on the other treatments that need to be made up. The Dutch healthcare authority estimated that the number of referrals by the general practitioner during the coronacrisis, with nearly 800,000 it is dropped. “I think you can imagine the thousands of people in order to make sure that’s really necessary,” says Kaljouw. “The failure of the MC in a former school in Amsterdam and the ijsselmeer hospitals, and Lelystad, the netherlands, we observed that up to 35 percent of health care costs evaporated. That would be the case, it could have been.” According to the Dutch healthcare authority has been as much as 15 to 20 per cent of the treatment “is not proven to be effective and do not have to be paid.

The Dutch healthcare authority is looking to other forms of funding. It believes that the regulator, the financial reward from the partnership, and prevention. Also examine the regulator on how insurers are stimulated, and can be more efficient, make sure to buy it, for example, out of the more expensive hospitals.

In the meantime, the number of referrals to the hospital, approximately at the former level, but in doing so, it is in the reservoir, away, warns, Kaljouw. “If you want to eliminate, you’ll need the production to 120% of charge. We are now between 70 and 75 per cent of in the hospital. So, that lake is still here.”

The Dutch healthcare authority is concerned that, during the crisis, the number of referrals for the treatment of cancer (oncology) with 70,000 back. In the second coronagolf this sort of critical, this is not to be re-deferred is Kaljouw. “If you do that, it is soon half of the Netherlands into your reservoir. That is, it is totally appropriate from the perspective of the public health.”

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In a letter to the Dutch healthcare authority has praised the ministry, how in the coronacrisis switched on innovations such as video calling, and e-consults. Hospitals and other health-care providers are now looking at the re-start of care in which treatments are a priority and which ones can wait, or may no longer be necessary.

The digitisation also need to be much more quickly implemented in the health care, the Dutch healthcare authority. The coronacrisis proves that it can be said Kaljouw. “We have been talking for years about the apply of video calling, or e-consults, and then you have to have an outbreak, if the corona is that the whole of the gp services within the next 24 to 48 hours of digital work”.

The Strategic views are now, in which zorgsectoren work is going to be in Digital, and unless’. Psychiatrists gave recently in The NRC with their patients rather quickly in real life, because they have physical conversations, according to them, it will work better. Kaljouw you understand that a digital consultation, some of these patients, it is not working. “However, there is also a category in which it is able to do so.”

The president and ceo of the Strategic thinking that coronacrisis to be a turning point and an opportunity should be made to the system. ““Never waste a good crisis. If we had half a year of waiting, I went back to the old system.”

The ministry of the Dutch healthcare authority asked for within the next six weeks, I would advise you to come in.

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