Supermarket, 1 out of 2 of those short-staffed does not find cashiers, counter clerks and butchers-

Unobtainable cashiers and counter clerks. In the last two years, 1 in 3 food distribution companies, especially supermarkets and convenience stores, has sought new staff, of which almost half (47%) encountered difficulties in finding the resources they needed determining, for 42.2%, also a negative impact on its revenues. what emerges from the 2022 Observatory on the food retail sector of Fida-Confcommercio, the Italian Federation of Food Retailers.

The reasons for the shortage

Among the main causes of the difficulty in research we find the shortage of personnel with the skills or experience required (64.1%), working hours considered heavy (40.2%), unattractive work tasks (31.3%). The professional figures most in demand and suffering from the shortage are: counter agents (68.1%), cashiers (58.5%), butchers (42.2%) and bookshelves (39.3%). While e-commerce and cleaners (2.2%) are the least requested.

The strengthening of skills – said the president of Fida-Confcommercio, Donatella Prampolini – is the key to overcoming the serious problem of failure to match supply and demand on the labor market. There is a need for greater synergy between employment policies and education and training policies with the aim of creating an integrated system of active policy tools and services that place people and the development of their training and employment skills at the center. . Only an adequate level of skills and knowledge – concludes Prampolini – allows those seeking employment to be able to tackle new jobs and to approach existing ones in a different way.

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