Stock market inputs on Spotify for, among others, Erste Group, AT&S, Pfizer, Shiba Inu, Squid

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Wiener Börse Plausch # 12: Erste Group-Rally with input from Thomas Sommerauer and Wolfgang Matejka, a positive “nothing” vo
Team drajc, these are the stock exchange social network owners Christian Drastil and Josef Chladek, chatting again about current events in Vienna in “Wiener Börse Plausch # 12”. The main topic today is the sensational placement of the Caixa package at Erste Group, with input from Thomas Sommerauer and Wolfgang Matejka. We also devote ourselves to AT&S and why the CEO would find a further 10 percent price increase nice. In addition, the renewed long-term question to startup300 and a 73.3 percent case in the Vienna MTF. The November episodes of Wiener Börse Plausch are presented by the Rosinger Group, which has an offer aimed at entrepreneurs interested in listing and can celebrate a record in Rosgix. Risk warning: The thoughts published here are neither to be understood as a recommendation nor as an offer or a request to buy or sell financial instruments and should not be understood as such. They merely represent the personal opinion of the podcast maker. Trading in financial products is subject to risk. You can lose your invested capital.
The podcast for young investors of all ages (00:16:47), 06.11.

Market report Fri. 05.11.2021 – Record mood continues, good US job market and Pfizer COVID drug fuel sentiment
Friday brings new all-time highs, so the record hunt continues. In addition to the continued good mood after the FES meeting, impetus was also provided by the surprisingly positive labor market data, which, as always, was published in the USA on the first Friday of the month. With 531,000 new positions, significantly more jobs were created than the 400,000 expected by the market. The unemployment rate drops to 4.6%. The news that Pfizer wants to launch the drug Paxlovid, a pill against COVID-19, creates an even better mood. After the vaccination, that would be the next breakthrough. The Pfizer share rises, some of the vaccine manufacturers lose significantly, BioNTech and Moderna even lose around 20%. Shares from the travel and tourism sector can also benefit: airlines such as American, Delta or United Airlines, but also Lufthansa, are making significant gains. The aircraft manufacturers and suppliers MTU and Airbus climb to the top of the Dax. At Fresenius Medical Care there is a countermovement after the losses over the course of the week. Losers in the DAX are corona winners such as Hellofresh, or Merck, who are involved in the corona vaccines, or Sartorius, who do their business with Coronatest, among other things. The DAX has meanwhile reached a new record high of 16,083 points, it did not hold it until the end, but stayed close to the record prices and closed trading on Friday at 16,054 points and + 0.2%. The ATX in Vienna climbed +1% to 3,881 points, the ATX total return to 7,834 points.
Börsenradio to go market report (00:22:38), 06.11.

Shiba Inu hype & Squid bankruptcy: crypto investors should watch out for these warning signals
The value of the Shiba Inu meme coin has risen by 900 percent within a month. Now the correction follows. Digital expert Alexander Braun subjects the cyber motto to the reality check. The value of the Shiba Inu meme coin increased almost tenfold in October. In the meantime, the coin made it into the top ten most valuable cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. But for a few days now, the hype has been followed by the correction. On the Internet, crypto fans discuss the seriousness and meaningfulness of the cyber motto. After all, the crypto currency for the Netflix series “Squid Games” recently raised awareness of the dangers of scam when trading digital money. The Squid Coin experienced a price increase of more than 28.5 million percent within a few weeks. Then, however, the price suddenly collapsed and the value sank to almost zero. The coin turned out to be a fraud. Investors are said to have suffered damage of 3.4 million euros. How dangerous are investments in meme coins and what warning signals should investors watch out for? Is the Shiba Inu-Coin serious and does it still have price potential? Capco digital expert Alexander Braun has the answers. He subjects the fun currency to the reality check. If you have any comments, questions, criticism or praise about this episode, please write to us by email at [email protected] *** The exclusive subscription offer for you as a Handelsblatt Today listener:
Handelsblatt Today (00:25:22), 06.11.

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