Spalletti flies, Insigne catches Maradona at 115 goals –

from Monica Scozzafava

Everything is easy for the Azzurri who remain -4 from Inter with goals from Juan Jesus, Mertens, Rrahmani and Insigne, who takes his leave by joining the blue legend

Wickedness is a duty. And this is the manifesto of Luciano Spalletti. Also after a game won smoothly with Salernitana, in which Napoli has strung 4 goals against their opponents. But he insisted: We throw away too many balls in the area, as a reflection in view of the stop. It refers to the momentary draw of Colantuono’s team: Bonazzoli responds, at the end of the first half, to Juan Jesus’ goal (the first in Serie A after three years) and Napoli sees the ghosts again. Poker is a point of pride but having kept the game open for 48 minutes against Salernitana decimated by Covid and stuffed with players still recovering, a luxury that Spalletti does not allow. And then: More character, more malice. At the end of the first half we were almost tied. Elmas then thinks about it with a serpentine to get the first of the gods two generous penalties granted by Pairetto, Mertens from the precise spot.

Third consecutive victory of Napoli: it was supposed to be a difficult January between injuries and the African Cup, but it was the month in which the team recovered the points thrown away against Spezia and Empoli. The derby was also the manifesto of emotions: Lorenzo Insigne, destined for Toronto, enters the second half and courtesy of Mertens, who had already taken the ball, goes to the spot for the second of the penalties given to Napoli. Goal number 115: Maradona reached in the stadium named after the Pibe. The captain rejoices and the lip, in favor of the camera, clear: Always with you. Scream by touching the logo on the shirt. Almost as if to empty the baggage, already ready for Canada, from the criticisms of the millionaire choice of the MLS. They are all now available to Spalletti (except Koulibaly and Anguissa) and the road to the penthouse, which big Luciano liked so much at the beginning of the season, is once again viable. Not the Salernitana in difficulty to give the figure of the strength found by the Neapolitans but the attack geometries and the defense balance (Rrhamani also scored).

Walter Sabatini has something to say to his friend Luciano: Napoli is strong because it is coached by a great like you. But have they put the rule of a penalty every three corners back in the square? Spalletti dribbles with elegance: the director does not fight back. While Colantuono spreads his arms: The Covid protocol is unclear.


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