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JAKARTAMan can classify the types of wind when viewed from the strength and speed. In the Qur’an it is explained that there is a wind that can uproot trees and cause big waves.

Summarized from the book Tafsir Al-Qur’an Thematic ‘Environmental Conservation’, it reveals different types of wind, such as calm and dangerous.

Ar-riyah as-sakinah (Silent wind) is a very calm wind, so the smoke coming out of the factory chimney remains upright when it encounters this type of wind. The strength of this wind is only 0-1 kilometers per hour.

Therefore, this type of wind does not cause ripples on the surface of the water and cannot move the sailboat, the sea remains calm and the ships do not move. Allah says in one of the verses of the Qur’an.

The wind is not for you, assures me that you have no signs for every wind.

“If He wills, He will calm the winds, so that the ships stop at sea. Indeed, in that are signs (power) for everyone who is patient and very grateful, “Surah Ash-Syura verse 33.

In addition to the calm wind, there is also Ar-riyah at-tayyibah (good wind), which is the speed and strength of this wind ranges from 1.6 to 40 kilometers per hour. This type of wind can make leaves, branches and twigs move.

At the maximum speed limit (40 kilometers per hour), this type of wind can move the trees, so that the sailing ship can move which creates a sense of pleasure and joy for humans.

Who is the land, the sea, and the sea?

“It is Allah who made you able to walk on land, (sail) on the sea. So when you were in the ark, and the ark sailed carrying those who were in it with a strong wind, and they rejoiced in it, the wind came a storm, and (if) the waves came from all directions, and they believed that they have been surrounded (danger), so they pray to God with full obedience to Him alone. protect us from this danger, indeed we are among the grateful. ” Surah Yunus Ayat 22.

In addition to good wind, the verse still mentions Ar-riyah ash-syadidah (strong wind), the speed and strength of this wind is around 40-50 kilometers per hour that can break tree branches and emit a whistling sound of wind.

This type of wind caused huge waves in the ocean that worried those on the ark.

Then there is the type of Ar-riyah al-hasiba (storm wind), which is a wind that moves at speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour, thus making trees fall, pebbles fly and it is difficult to fight the current. direction when people walk.

Have you believed that righteousness is right for you, not for you?

“So do you feel safe (from Allah’s punishment) who overturns a part of the earth with you or He blows (a strong wind that carries) small stones? And you will not find a protector for you,” Surah Al-Isra ‘verse 68.

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