South China: A Photo Diary

Enrique Medina He directs photography in various audiovisual projects, always in search of new and different challenges and opportunities. He likes to create images, portray the world (from Veracruz to Hawaii), travel, passions, family and friends as he sees them through the lens of a camera.

The following photos are the record of a route he made through southern China in April 2017; while the text is an excerpt from his travel blog, which can be read full here.

A few years ago, my wife and I impulsively reacted to an attractive offer to fly to China.

We flew to the industrial city of Guanzhou and spent a couple of weeks getting to know the south of the country.

This densely populated region often shines with stunning and exotic Hong Kong.

However, other cities like Macau and Kaiping also dazzled us with an unusual charm.

These destinations do not usually receive a large flow of Western visitors, so it was natural to feel like foreigners and enjoy the culture shock in the most enriching way possible.

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