Health 4 additional deaths linked indirectly to the dengue...

[Société] 4 additional deaths linked indirectly to the dengue fever in recent weeks.


In the beginning of the austral winter, the dengue fever is still present. Also, the Prefecture and the ARS remind people about the importance to seek prompt medical attention in case of symptoms, to protect themselves from mosquito bites and to continue to protect themselves, even sick, to protect his loved ones and to eliminate mosquito breeding sites around their home.

Epidemiological Situation as of 16 June 2020 (data of the Wax OI, Public Health, France)

Since the beginning of the year

· More than 14 000 indigenous cases of confirmed

· 527 hospitalizations

· 1 536 passages to the emergency room

· 13 deaths (of which 6 are directly related to dengue)

23 municipalities of the island remain concerned by the circulation of the dengue fever ; only the commune of la Plaine des Palmistes has not been reported in the past few weeks. The regions west and south relate to each of the 42% of confirmed cases but the spread of cases is still very marked. The cases increase in St-Paul, Le Port, Saint-Benoit, Saint-André, Saint-Denis and Sainte-Suzanne.

The major groupings of cases (outbreaks of dengue fever) :

Southern Region

Saint-Louis (Bel Air, la Chapelle, Avenue Dr. A. Yard, Fence, Tray guavas, Subdivision Declerc, The Slope vacoas, the River, The Farm, Verval, The Ouaki, The Wood of Nèfles, The Cocos, Camp du Gol, The River, the City of Cocos, a Small, Good God, The Boats, Makes, Saint-Silvert, the ilet Straw in Tail, Spur, Creek the high, The Wood of Nèfles, Larrey, Creek, Earth Red, Slope Nicole)

Saint-Pierre (Pierrefonds, Mahavel, Large Wood, Ravine Blanche, Low Land low, The Palmettos, Conde, Mount Green, Line, Paradise, Valley, Wood Olives, Ravine des Cabris, Line bamboo, Sainte Celine, Chemin Stéphane, Mahavel, Concession, Pierrefonds, The Morière, The Cafrine)

The Oars (Tévelave, Burnt, Arms dry the bottom, The Cross, Bananas, Wood Nèfles, Barouty, Background Mauritius, the Creek, City Center)

L’etang Salé (The Canoes, The Ravine Sheunon, the Foot of the Rocks, the Plains, Canoes, tops, The Lambert high, The Wood of Nèfles, The Maniron, the Rock and Birds, Etang-Salé les bains, The Lambert)

Between The Two (The Bracket, the Slope of Orange, The Pond, The Edge, deep Inside, The Path of the loire valley, The Ravine des Citrons, The Tight, The upper Arm Long)

The Buffer (The Plaine des Cafres, The seventeenth, Chemin Isautier, The Dassy, The Chatoire, Kerveguen, Terrain Fleury, Fourteenth, Bérive senior)

Saint-Joseph (The Ilet, Large Pebble, Jean Little, Jean Little, the bottom, The Vines, The Cayenne, Manapany, Langevin, Vincendo, the ruins of The kerveguen)

Saint-Philippe (Navy)

Cilaos (The Bras des Etangs)

Western Region

Saint-Paul (Subdivision, Belle-Vue, The Water Hole, The Saline, a View-Beautiful, Neighborhood Eucalyptus trees, the Dam, The Bernica, Tan, Red, Carosse, Saint-Gilles, Cape town, Champagne, Spur, Fleurimont, Le Bernica, Great Fountain, The Magazine, Plateau Caillou, Heart-Breaking, the Creek, The city Centre, The rue Jacquot, Plain, Wood Nèfles, Cambaie)

The Possession (Stop, Rivière des Galets, St Laurent, the Bottom of Tray, Sainte-Thérèse, Camp Magloire, subdivision Dodin)

Saint-Leu (Grand Fond, Canal Road, city Centre, Cape town, Lelièvre, Piton Saint-Leu, Wood Nèfles Peak, Plateau, Portal, Maduran, Butor, Four Faucets, Cited Fishermen, Path Dubuison, The Fountain, The Camellias, The Colimaçons, Wood Nèfles Between the Two)

The Three Pools (the white Mouse, The Great Ravine, Montée Panon)

The Port (Bleeding heart, City 20 December, Woodland Park, Mondon, Factory EDF, Cotur, River Pebbles, The Small Point, Marine Cemetery)

Northern Region

Sainte-Marie (Red Wood, The Great Climb, The Resource)

Saint-Denis (The Mountain, The Bamboo, Vauban, Garden State, Barachois, Providence, Brittany, Sainte-Clotilde, Domenjod)

Sainte-Suzanne (Commune Ango, Bel Air)

Region Is

Saint-André (L’etang, A Small Bazaar, House Valliamé, Field Terminal, The Ravine Creuse, Cambuston)

Bras-Panon (River of the Mast, Vacoas, Berries, Roses)

Saint-Benoit (Beauvallon, Quagmire Beaulieu, The Port, Beaufonds, The Confidence, The Navy, Town Centre, Slough, Ilet Coco, Arm, Canoe, Gun Arm, Saint-Anne, Saint-François, Pont Payet, Petit Saint-Pierre)

Sainte-Rose (The Little Burnt)

In order to limit the slow down the epidemic, the teams of vector control of the ARS and of the SDIS continue the operations of mosquito control, day and night, incorporating the measures of barriers against the distribution of the Covid. These treatments are essential to combat dengue fever, and must be accompanied by preventive measures taken by the Natives in daily life.



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