Six Pilsen trumps on the way to the sixth championship coronation

If the architect of the Golden Pilsen era has coach Pavel Vrba in front of the Doosan Arena Willow, coach Michal Bílek would perhaps deserve a statue. At the end of last season, he took over the sneezing, disguised team, creating a master machine from it, which left behind the movable Slavia and Sparta. Together with his assistants Pavel Horváth and Marek Bakoš, he perfectly guessed what the team was up to. He swept away from the table a well-established, highly offensive style, exchanging it for a strictly pragmatic one. He pumped responsibility and aggression into the players. That is, qualities that she did not own for years.

Photo: Radek Petrášek, ČTK

The Pilsen players who won the title throw coach Michal Bílek over their heads.Photo: Radek Petrášek, CTK

And he prepares them wonderfully tactically, his plans worked in the vast majority of matches. Experts, fans of the competitors insulted Victoria for defensive notes. But when it flowed into her shoes, she switched to an offensive wave, she was able to inflict a blow on her opponent’s neck. Which Slavia did only occasionally. In the end, it is the title that is most valuable in Bílek’s career.

Michal Bílek:I will immodestly say that Pilsen made a better move when choosing coaches than Sparta, which opted for the coach of the decade Pavel Vrba. I was also among the aspirants at Letná, which pleased me, but I didn’t experience it at all. Fifteen years ago, I won my first championship title as a coach and won the cup with her, which was a huge success, but at the time it was a duty. About the task. In Pilsen, my task was to get Victoria into the preliminary round of the European Cups and we managed to win the league. “

Well-being in the cabin is the basis of success. The spirit of the extraordinary party that dragged the golden era of Victoria returned to Pilsen. That the team was pulling one rope was seen in the last row of the stands. The Pilsen icons – now assistants Horváth, Bakoš, Kozáčik – did a fantastic job in this direction. But also other members of the implementation team who remember the successful era. Straw masseur, custodian council, physiotherapist Glove. Of course, Bílek also has the lion’s share. He reaffirmed that he could win the team. A sensitive, human approach. Its bonus is that it does not release negative emotions on the player, it can dampen them in itself. It is clear from the behavior of the Victorians that they are also fighting for Bílek on the field.

Photo: Radek Petrášek, ČTK

The joy of the Pilsen players who won the title.Photo: Radek Petrášek, CTK

Michal Bílek: “The hardest part was the beginning of the season, where we were haunted by health problems. Kalvach was missing for a long time, Havel was after the operation, Beauguel was missing, whose injuries were also limited. We won by a goal, it was a worked victory, but the important thing was that we got three points. Thanks to that, we gradually got to peace, the players got together, a perfect team was created. What a perfect, excellent.”

When Pilsen fought for titles with Sparta for years, despite the emotionally tense moments, the rivalry did not exceed the tolerable limit. What Slavia took on the role of Sparta is a purge for the West Bohemians. As soon as they kick the ball, the stands offend them. Polínek was thrown into the fire in the autumn by their former partner Michael Krmenčík. After the match, in which the Victorians had three eliminated, “fucking Pilsen” chanted Slavia’s boiler. He burned not only Victoria fans but also recent friends. The Victorians are thirsty for revenge because of their experience of Eden, they are driven by revenge, and that they want to take their title from them this season has been miles away.

Photo: Michal Krumphanzl, ČTK

Slavia fans during the match with Pilsen. illustrative photoPhoto: Michal Krumphanzl, CTK

Michal Bílek:We have surpassed both Slavia and Sparta, which is a huge honor. Especially for boys who did a fantastic job. Honest, responsible. After all, we lost only twice in the whole season, still in the basic part with Hradec Králové and Slavia. That is why we deserved toitul. “

Quite possibly a man of the whole year. Slavia, and not Sparta at all, did not have a person among the bars to rely on in the long run. Staněk catches the life season, he has collected 14 net accounts. He brought Victoria several points with his interventions. He literally cast spells in some matches. For example, in the autumn at 2: 1 against the head of the then stopwatch of České Budějovice Talovjerov, in the spring he led the South Bohemians again to mad when he miraculously caught a close shot in a 1: 0 setting for Victoria. In the spring, he excelled against Slovácko, a week ago he incredibly caught the head of the Spartan Čvančara. He gave his teammates great confidence. They knew they could count on Stanek. It will come as no surprise if Pilsen sells it profitably in the summer.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Goalkeeper Viktorie Plzeň Jindřich Staněk is a great support of the team.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, The law

Michal Bílek:Someone called it game passivity, I called it responsible and honest defense. That’s why we got the least goals of all teams. And when needed, Jindra Stanek always supported us. “

Already in the autumn, he decided not to renew his contract in Pilsen and he would end the season. Nevertheless, he gave her the maximum, goals and dragged her for league gold. Although he was slowed down by a muscle injury in early spring, he returned to the lawn after returning to the lawn. He managed a key moment at the end of the superstructure match in Slavia – at 0: 1 at the end of the setting, he converted a penalty kick and shot Victoria a very important draw. Thanks to her, she left the red and white under her, thus making a mile step towards the title. Subsequently, the French forward struggled against Sparta and Hradec Králové.

Photo: Radek Petrášek, ČTK

From left, Jan Král Hradec Králové and Jean-David Beauguel from Pilsen.Photo: Radek Petrášek, CTK

Michal Bílek: “At the beginning of the season and then during it, when he had health problems and was missing from the team, it became clear what it means to our team.”

He has been in Pilsen for ten years, he had to wait patiently for his time. There was a time when coach Pavel Vrba put him on the second track, Hejda waited months for another chance. He has been one of the mainstays of the last season, but this year he caught the life phase. He was great in the air, on the ground, in combat. The icing on the cake is his five goals. Together with the Brazilian Santos, they formed the best stopper pair in the league, and thanks to them, Pilsen collected the least of all. In addition, the 32-year-old fighter has matured into a respected leader. What Pavel Horváth or Roman Hubník used to be in Doosan Arena. When necessary, he raised his voice, restoring order. The messy end of the spring match in Sparta, where the West Bohemians lost two points in laxity, could not breathe for several days. He then gave his teammates an incredible “lens” in the locker room. Reaction? Viktoria did not allow another outage, she reached the title.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Lukáš Hejda from Viktoria Plzeň during the match with Slavia Prague.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, The law

Lukáš Hejda:The title was born mainly thanks to a gang of fighters that never gave up. We played badly, our shoes flowed, but we still turned the matches around. And honestly – I don’t even know how many there were and when we just kicked points like that. And warriors, these two words describe me and the whole Pilsen group the most. “

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