Signs of lies: – A simple trick reveals the liar

A new study from the University of Portsmouth shows that there is one trick in particular that can expose a liar.

The results from the study are published in the peer-reviewed professional journal International Journal of Psychology and Behaviour Analysis.

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End up on the ice

In a study from the University of Massachusetts in 2002, it was found that 60 percent of us can not walk ten minutes without lying.

Previous research from the University of Portsmouth shows that the brain works in high gear when we lie.

Recent research shows that leyewitnesses can end up on the ice if they are given an extra task to perform while lying.

Had to remember registration number

The scientific site Science Daily writes that 164 people recently participated in the experiment, which was led by Aldert Vrij.

Vrij is Professor of Applied Social Psychology at the University of Portsmouth in Portsmouth.

In the study, all participants were asked to remember a seven-digit registration number.

Then everyone was asked to tell what they think about current topics in the news.

The participants were then divided into two groups:

  • A group was to tell the truth about what they thought about three different topics.
  • The other group was to lie about what they thought about the three different topics.

Those who were placed in the lie group were given an extra task:

They had to be as convincing as possible when they were to be interviewed about the three topics.

These participants were also promised to participate in a prize giving ceremony if they managed to be convincing enough.

The results were disappointing:

The liars had great difficulty focusing on both remembering the registration number and lying.

The researchers believed that the stories of the liars sounded less credible than the stories of those who told the truth.

In the last 15 years, we have seen that lies can be discovered by outwitting the liars. Now we see that this can also be done by forcing the liars to distribute their attention on formulating a statement and on a secondary task, says Professor Aldert Vrij.

Body sign of a lie

It was in 2014 that other researchers from the University of Portsmouth presented the results of another lie study.

After many years of research, the researchers concluded that it is very rare that body language can expose a liar. Such as flickering eyes and nervous twitches.

In 2014, among other things a study from the same university, the University of Portsmouth, that physical signs of lies are both weak and unreliable.

I the research report Psychologist and liar researcher Samantha Mann claimed that the best trick to expose a liar is not to look for body language, but to ask the person to tell their story backwards.

The reason is that we remember extra details if we tell the truth – while liars say exactly the same thing when they tell their story backwards.

Off course

Man also hinted that one can play the devil’s lawyer.

The reason is that it is difficult to argue against their true attitudes and at the same time make it look like a lie.

Research also showed that a liar dislikes unexpected questions. The reason is that liars are often well prepared, but that unexpected questions put him or her off course.

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