Shumen District Governor crashes into guardrail, refuses alcohol test (Obzor)

Valentin Alexandrov could not be reached for comment.

You did a drug test, which was negative

According to the law, his administrative penalty is confiscation of his license for 18 months

The regional governor of Shumen Valentin Alexandrov crashed his personal car “Kia” into the guardrail on the way to Veliki Preslav. However, he refused to be tested for alcohol with a druggist. Similar to the mayor of Pazardzhik, Todor Popov, who at the end of October parted with his booklet because of his unwillingness to be tested for alcohol, but also for drugs.

In contrast, the famous chef Andre Tokev, who on the evening of October 31 was caught wandering with his pickup truck on the Ring Road, gave two samples. One with a dragee on the road, which showed 1.9 per mille, and then blood in the hospital “St. Anna ”, which reported 1.7 per mille (For the chef’s apology, read in the box – b.r.)

The accident with the regional governor of Shumen, who has been in office since May this year, happened on November 6 at around 6:30 p.m.

The incident became known the same evening on social networks.

However, he was not released in the official police bulletin on Monday, and was later reported at the urging of the media.

The accident, caused by Valentin Alexandrov, happened on the main road Silistra – Shumen – Yambol. After receiving the signal on 112, a team of the Traffic Police was sent to the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.

The uniformed officers found that a 56-year-old driver of a Kia with Shumen registration was driving towards Veliki Preslav. At one point, however, he

left the road

canvas on the right


the movement

and hit the elastic fence. There are no other participants in the accident. A team from the Emergency Medical Center was not sent to the scene because there were no casualties.

However, the driver refused to be tested with a breathalyzer for alcohol use. He was issued a coupon for a chemical test in a hospital.

He was tested for driving after using drugs. His test was negative.

“Relevant documents have been prepared – an act for established administrative violations,” police said.

The Ministry of Interior did not specify what the sanction for the regional governor will be. According to the Road Traffic Act, however, when a driver refuses to be tested with a dredge or to give a blood alcohol test, he is left without a license for 18 months.

The police only clarified that the accident was not with the official car of the district governor.


the driver was not

in its capacity

of official


which performs official duties “, added the Ministry of Interior. It is not clear where the district governor went or where he returned on Saturday night.

24 Chasa asked him for a comment, but did not find it.

Valentin Alexandrov is a long-term employee of the Ministry of Interior with over 27 years of experience in the system. He was the head of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, and before that he was the head of the Criminal Sector, the Regional Police Department, the head of the Police Service. He has also worked for some time as a consultant in the private sector. He graduated in pedagogy at the University of Shumen.

Alexandrov held the post of regional governor of Shumen in 2017 for three months.

In contrast, Pazardzhik Mayor Todor Popov publicly explained that he refused to be tested for drugs and alcohol because he was worried about having his samples replaced.

He was stopped on October 29 at the fork to the village of Patalenitsa, where he lives. According to him, the uniformed men were not from Pazardzhik. They insisted on testing it, but he refused. He then hinted that he had taken a blood test at a hospital and would attack the administrative sanction in court.

Todor Popov is a lawyer. Prior to becoming mayor, he held a fourth term as a judge and lawyer. A week ago, the Ministry of Interior sent him an inspection. He claims that they requested documents that could be found on the municipality’s website.

Over the years, many VIPs have been caught getting in their cars after drinking alcohol.

MEP Angel Djambazki was caught driving with more than 1 per mille in his blood.

The actor Yavor Baharov, for example, was caught twice behind the wheel drinking, once he had used drugs.

The former deputy head of the National Theater, Tsvetan Nikolov, was sentenced to 11 months in prison after he severely crashed on the Chavdap Bridge in August 2018, and the druggist showed 2.7 per mille of alcohol in his blood.


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