She added a touching photo! –

Slovak playmate Lela Ceterová (32) has returned to Instagram after a long separation. She added a cute photo with her two children – daughter Lily and son Rocky. She thanked all the fans for their support, but forbade comments on the post.

Case around Slovak playmate Lely Ceterová a MMA wrestler Carlos Vémola (36) still going on. However, after Vémola announced on Instagram that he was breaking up with Ceter because she was supposed to cheat on him, he subsequently downloaded the video and Lela announced that she was filing a criminal complaint against him because he was supposed to hit her.

She also added that Vémola had taken her cell phone. I have to write from my mobile phone a friend who accommodated me with two children. After you beat me up when I had little Rocky in my arms. I’m afraid of you. You took my cell phone … … ” she reacted harshly on Vémol.

They’re together again

But a few days later, the couple flew to Dubai, where they were to reconcile, and now they are officially together again. Lela has now added a photo of her two children after not being active on social media. “Hello, I finally have a new phone in operation and I can connect to Instagram. My first post belongs mainly to you. I want to thank you all very much for the nice news and links, I want to thank your family, the manager and close friends, “ she wrote to the photo.

However, Lela forbade comments on the photo. It is difficult to say what users and their followers have of this bizarre cause.

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