Sex video with the police in Stuttgart? That happened – SWR3

Did two people have sex at the police station? A video causes speculation. The police are investigating.

The video is forwarded umpteen times on WhatsApp. The Stuttgart police have now made it clear: Nobody had sex in the station!

What can you see on the video?

The video shows two young people having fun on the second floor. It was apparently filmed from the opposite Cloud 7 skyscraper, through the bedroom window. Down the street there are probably two police officers on duty at the station on Wolframstrasse. At first glance, it looks like the bed is in the police station.

The police make everything clear

The police write in a press release: „The video was filmed from the outside of a private apartment located in a part of the building adjacent to the police station. The private apartment has no access to the police station.

Now the police are investigating whether the distribution of the video is punishable. Because that would hurt personal areas of life.

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