News SEP announces three new courses for Basic Education –...

SEP announces three new courses for Basic Education – Televisa News


The holder of the SEP, Esteban Moctezumaannounced on Tuesday during the conference for the well-being the creation of three new courses for Basic Education.

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Esteban Moctezuma said that it will deliver a comprehensive education and humanist in the will continue to weight the math, literacy and science in the next school year.

But that, in the face of the new normal for the pandemic coronavirus, will be added to other educational content.

“We will start the next school year with new materials of good citizenship, ethics of training, values of culture of peace. And you are going to create a new subject: healthy life is going to include multiple issues in the first place, everything relating to the hygiene, personal hygiene. That will lead us also to a cleansing program. You are going to have nutrition,” explained the owner of the SEP.

He added that it will also give relevance to the physical activity and programs that raise awareness of the risks of the consumption of toxic substances.

In the press conference on well-being, in National Palace, is reported to have invested 9 billion 155 million pesos in the program “The School is ours”, which is equivalent to a general advance of 98.2%.

With information from Juan S. Solis.



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