Saturn’s moon Mimas is similar to the Death Star in Star Wars, allegedly has a hidden ocean

AMERICA – During the mission to find if the moon Saturn , Mimas, dead geologically, the researchers found something far more surprising.

Team of scientists found solid evidence of an underground ocean buried beneath the surface of the moon that looks more like the Death Star in the movies Star Wars that.

Mimas, the researchers say, may have a “ghost” ocean. Findings that if verified are correct and will further expand the number of potentially habitable places.

Ice moons with evidence of subsurface oceans have received a lot of attention from scientists recently.

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The two most famous cases in the solar system are Saturn’s Enceladus and Jupiter’s Europa. Both are considered the main places to look for alien life.

Enceladus, in particular, appears to have most of the materials needed to sustain its geyser-spewing marine life near the moon’s South Pole.

The surfaces of Europa and Enceladus show signs of geological activity, as well as internal heat sources that allow water to exist.

Meanwhile, the surface of Mimas itself is very rough, which makes Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) scientist Alyssa Rhoden suspect that it is a frozen ice beam.

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