SAT increases budget to organize “Asian Indoor and Cultural Art Games” after postponing the race in 2022

Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports Presided over a news conference on the progress of the 6th Asian Indoor and Cultural Art Games, 2011, with Dr. Kong Sak Yodmanee, Governor of SAT and Mr.Thana Chaiprasit, head of the Thai sports team, gave a speech at the Hall, Floor 1, Chalermprakiat Building, the 7th anniversary of the Royal Patronage on February 1, 2011.

The Minister of Tourism and Sports said that according to the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), the 6th Asian Indore and Major Art Games will be held in the year 2011 (B.E. . 2021) during 21 – 30 May 2019 in Bangkok And Chonburi Province, the latest Asian Olympic Council (OCA) has a letter dated 14 and 24 January 2554 to notify member countries. On the postponement of the organizing of the 6th Asian Indoor and Cultural Art Games B.E. 2554 (2021) from the original between 21-30 May 2019 to the 10th – 20 March 2019 Due to the ongoing global epidemic of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), of course, when the schedule has been postponed. Therefore need to propose to amend the name of the competition (Year of the competition) from “Year 2554 (2021)” to “Year 2555 (2022)” to the Cabinet meeting. For further approval as well

“Even the competition Will be postponed for another year But the competition committee As well as committees, departments and branches are still necessary to work continuously. And there are urgent workloads that must be completed To make the management of the 6th Asian Indoor and Cultural Art Games smoothly And a magnificent success Therefore, we would like to invite all Thai people to be a good host. Welcoming athletes and staff from Asia Who will travel to compete in the next year, 2012 and support our Thai athletes in the 6th Asian Indoor and Magic Art Games. It is believed that the situation of the coronavirus infection in 2019 (COVID-19) will be resolved for the better. And hosting this sport event in Thailand It will be another competitive game that will help revive the economy in tourism and sports again. “

Dr. Kong Sak Yodmanee, Governor of SAT, said that according to SAT, there was a preparation meeting for the sixth Asian Indoor Games and Social Art Games. . 2554 (2021) continuously. To create understanding and cooperation among various departments and sectors for maximum efficiency in the management of the competition. Because of the ongoing global epidemic of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), the Asian Olympic Council (OCA) has announced the postponement of the competition. From the original date between 21 – 30 May 2011 to 10 – 20 March 2019, in which the postponement of this competition

“We have always had a joint consultation between the OCS and Thailand. We originally proposed to compete in January 2022, but the OCA thought it might be too close to the Winter Olympics in China, and if it was to be held in February, it was proposed to be in March instead. Not stuck Until coming to the perfect date between 10 – 20 March 2022, although organized in March But it will not match with domestic sports like national youth sports To be arranged during that time Every year in any way as part of the organizing committee of the competition There was a new plan adjustment. Especially the training program of the Thai national team athletes, which SAT has assigned the Department of Sport Excellence. Make adjustments to the new training plan as well. In accordance with the preparation of athletes in the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan In july And the SEA Games 2021 in Vietnam In november Not to be duplicated Which initially At the end of the SEA Games Will keep the Asian indoor sportswear and martial art games Continued until March 2022 “

The Governor of SAT added that From the COVID-19 situation We have provided various sports associations. Make a training plan Because we want athletes to be safe And follow the framework set by the government, however, there is concern about the mental state of athletes that will have to be kept for a long time. When faced with a postponed sports situation, SAT would like to emphasize that everyone does not have to worry, SAT will do whatever it takes to allow all athletes to receive subsidies throughout the retention period. And continue to practice for my own goals

Mr. Thanachai Prasit, Head of Thai Athletes, said that the Olympic Committee of Thailand And the competition organizing committee Be aware of the impact And safety on the health of the athletes and the participants of the competition is important, therefore, there is a consensus on postponing the organizing of the competition. However, the preparation of athletes to participate in the competition is funded by the Development Fund. National sports Through the Sports Authority of Thailand fully, originally the Asian indoor athletes and the martial arts games. Has started to keep practicing Since October 1, the period of retention of the athletes was originally the period between October 1, 2020 – May 18, 2021, including a period of more than 7 months (230 days).

“The postponement of the competition resulted in the training being held for about 10 months in order to prepare fully, the plans and the budget will be extended. For most Asian indoor athletes, they will be athletes who will compete in the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam. There will be some parts that will only compete in the Asian Indore. Then make it not affect much Because athletes had to keep training already, during the epidemic of COVID-19 resulted in athletes Unable to travel to practice Or compete abroad To gain experience and develop the potential

Causing need to adjust the form of training And more surveillance measures were imposed, but the athletes were fully determined and committed. Some of the trainers’ associations traveling to train have not traveled yet, causing it to be affected. Or if they can come, they must be detained under 14-day measures, which for some sports Will use online training Recording practice clips Or sending a link to the practice results online via Smart Watch, etc. The 6th Asian Indoor Sports Competition and Major Arts Games Thailand is the host Gives us an advantage in many areas as the host country The athletes have practiced in real locations. Are familiar with the real playing field Topography Familiar environments will have a greater chance of winning medals in competitions. In addition, countries have had problems with the lack of full training. Or some countries with heavy outbreaks that prevent athletes from practicing at all. “

Mr. Thanachai Prasit, Chief of Thai Athletes In addition to the overview of international sporting events to prepare Thai athletes for the Olympic Games, the Sea Games and the Asian Beach Games, that for the Olympic Games. The competition is scheduled between July 23 – August 8, 2021, now there are 17 athletes who have qualified for a total of 17 people who have kept training. In accordance with the work plan and budget of the Sports Authority of Thailand And there are still some athletes waiting for Qualify.

By postponing the Olympic Games And the situation with the epidemic of COVID-19 has caused the Qualify system of sports federations to be postponed without confirming whether Qualify will be held on time or not. Or will need to change the format of Qualify to collect the Ranking score or how, which still has to wait for confirmation of the competition From the Federation By some federation There may be adjustments to the format of Qualify, it will have to wait for further notice from the Federation.

The impact of the postponement of the competition Towards athletes is Causing athletes to exercise for a longer time This will cause performance or potential to decline. Because the training that can be done in full form as before And going to practice abroad cannot travel Immobilize And gain more experience For full development For impact on optimism Athletes may have more opportunities to qualify for the competition. As there may be some athletes withdrawn and if a new reallocate, it may increase the ranking of Thai athletes. And have the opportunity to get more rights

In the part of the 31st SEA Games in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the competition was scheduled between November 21 – December 2, 2021, at the moment, Vietnam still confirms the original date of the game and has not been postponed at all. This time, the host contains 40 competitions, 529 Events, which SAT is currently in the meeting on plans and budgets individually for the Association for keeping the training of the SEA Games athletes. According to the plan, athletes are kept for about 9 months, ie between March 1 – November 19, 2021

For the 6th Asian Beach Games in Sanya, China The original competition date was between 10 – 20 April 2021, with no new race date yet. As the OCA said it was still pending discussion. And find a mutual conclusion between the Chinese government And the Olympic Committee of the People’s Republic of China Is and will be announced for further notice, which is now SAT will allow athletes to keep training continuously Until a new race day is set The original training period for Asian Beach Games athletes is between October 2020 – March 2021, there are 16 types of sports competing, 82 Events, approximately 260 Thai athletes will participate in this competition, of which At this moment We have completed the registration. Accreditation Of athletes and staff There is still an Entry Form by Name registration process, which has to wait for the host to notify the registration deadline.


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