News Sarcelles : accused of having shaken Enzo, today hemiplegic

Sarcelles : accused of having shaken Enzo, today hemiplegic


Enzo is now 7 and a half years. It is great as a child of 10 years old but he crawls with difficulty to get around without a wheelchair. He does not speak and expresses himself by shouting. Hemiplegic, its future will be that of a patient lifetime in a specialized institution.

Suspected of having inflicted these terrible consequences by shaking violently when the child was 2 years old, the young man who kept is held since Monday by the assize court of the Val-d’oise. Ouldada B., nicknamed Chris, who was then 18 years old, must respond to ” violence on a minor of 15 years followed by mutilation or permanent disability. “It appears to be free.

All the signs of shaken baby syndrome

March 14, 2014, Enzo is dying. This is what she confides to the audience the doctor of the Samu who discovers that night a child in a coma in the family’s apartment in Sarcelles, restless twitching generalized. His neurological condition is terribly disturbing, his prognosis is committed when he was evacuated to the hospital Necker in Paris (XV ). Here, the diagnosis is made : Enzo shows all the signs of shaken baby syndrome.

The doctors are a subdural hematoma, hypertension cranial veins-bridge broken, a retinal hemorrhage of the two sides. This diagnosis is quite rare for a child 23 months old, the majority of cases between 4 and 8 months. It also means a shaking even more intense than for a baby. “If a witness saw the scene, he would intervene immediately ! It is extremely violent, ” according to the coroner heard on Tuesday by videoconference.

The accused book different versions

During the investigation, the accused has delivered a series of versions to explain the facts. He spoke of the fall of the child on the floor and her head hitting the coffee table, the falling of the sofa, the shock in receiving the iron on the head… During the reconstruction, he admitted to have been turning the child and have it launched into the air. All the gestures that, for physicians, may not produce the lesions observed. Chris then admitted to having played with him, “a good one last time,” wanting to watch a tv show. Still, the accused, up to this day, this is an accident. It must be understood on the facts on Wednesday.

The young man also explained to burns 2nd degree on the cheek of the child by her lack of attention. He would have showered Enzo “to wake up” with very hot water, over a bowl. What the examiner considered compatible, discarding a burn-in iron. “There is no trace of splashing. The water stops at the plays, there was nothing in the neck, in the back. I don’t understand “, however, the president, Magali Tabareau. “The steam from the iron may-be” she suggests.

“His sufferings are not less than 5 out of 7 “

Responding to a question from Me to Marion Household, who attends the little Enzo, who is not present at the hearing, the examiner also evaluated his suffering. “Intracranial hypertension is extremely uncomfortable. This child has suffered acts of resuscitation, surgery. He must undergo a re-education very long. His sufferings are not less than 5 on 7. This is a range extremely high. “

Today Enzo is living between his family home where he returned in the evening and on the weekend, and the institution that supports it. Since December 2014, at which time it was just his head but was not seated, there have been advances. It has also kept the taste of the music. “He sings very fair. I sang “if you leave” Jean-Jacques Goldmann, without articulating the words, but following very well the melody, ” says Annick Malherbe, ad hoc administrator, who is accompanying the child. “We have the feeling that he is a child happy. He also knows how to find pleasure where he can find it. “The verdict is expected on Wednesday.


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