Sarah Mangione: friend, “Unter Uns”, age, films – the “Let’s Dance” candidate in portrait

Between acting roles and presenter jobs – Sarah Mangione has made a name for itself in the German TV landscape in recent years. With her authentic and humorous manner, she also inspires her subscribers Instagram. A new project is now waiting for the 31-year-old. For them it’s on the dance floor of RTL: Sarah Mangione is candidate at „Let’s Dance“ 2022.

But how does the moderator actually tick? private? All information about her roles in Series and The movie and her participation in the dance show can be found here.

Sarah Mangione profile: age, agency, origin, Instagram

All facts about Sarah Mangione at a glance:

  • Name: Sarah Mangione
  • birthday: 18. May 1990
  • Alter: 31
  • star sign: Taurus
  • place of birth: Wolfsburg (Hattorf)
  • size: 1,58 m
  • residence: Cologne
  • nationality: German and Italian
  • job: presenter and actress
  • siblings: two
  • friend: not known
  • Agency: BWM Communications
  • Instagram: sarahmangione

Sarah Mangione: family, education and career start

Sarah Mangione is known as a real sunshine. Her moderation regularly makes it clear what a bundle of energy she is. But how did yours Career im TV began? It started for Sarah Mangione in her home of Wolfsburg, where she was born to a Sicilian father and a German mother, quite down to earth. There she first completed an apprenticeship as a process mechanic at Volkswagen. Because her mother worked at the Scharoun Theater in Wolfsburg, Sarah Mangione first came into contact with acting at the age of ten. From then on it was clear to the now 31-year-old which career path she wanted to pursue.

In 2015, Sarah Mangione then decided to do an internship at the journalism. In the same year she quit her job in Wolfsburg, moved to the media city of Cologne and started as a young editor at the television production company “Brainpool” on. She quickly stood up Backstage presenter for shows like “Beat the Raab“ or the “Eurovision Song Contest – preliminary decision” in front of the camera. Also for “Luke! The week and I” or “Elton” she worked as a reporter.

Sarah Mangione: Movies, Series and Shows

In 2016 Sarah Magione received together with Aaron Troschke her first own format in the form of the show “WOW of the week“ on RTL2. Two years later she was dating Lutz van der Horst and Daniel Boschmann moderating the SAT.1 format “Hotel heart palpitations‘ to see. In the RTL series “heart over head“ the half-Italian played the role of in a total of 113 episodes Sonja Richter. The series ran from August 2019 to February 2020.

Here is an overview of some of Sarah Mangione’s appearances in film and television:

  • Nihat – Everything at the beginning (2021)
  • Heart Over Head (2019-2020)
  • Falmes (2019)
  • Do you understand fun? (2019)
  • Heldt (2018)
  • Among Us (2017)
  • Hotel Heartbeat (2018)
  • Wow of the Week (2016)

Sarah Mangione: Role in “Unter Uns” and “Nihat – Everything at the Beginning”

Sarah Mangione made her acting debut in 2017 in the soap opera “Between us“. At that time she was to be seen in the role of linda tree. Also in the RTL event series “Nihat – Everything at the beginning“The 31-year-old has been seen since 2021. In it she plays Liz, a sexy dancer.

Sarah Mangione: does she have a boyfriend?

If you are interested in how Sarah Mangione ticks privately, you may also wonder whether the actress is in a relationship is. However, nothing is known about this. But one thing is clear: on her Instagram profile, the 31-year-old promotes tolerance when it comes to love by suggesting a kiss with a woman in a photo with the words “Kiss whoever the f *** you want” along with hashtags like ” queer” “lgbtq” “loveislove” and “pridemonth”.

When it comes to partnership, Sarah Mangione also proves that she has a good sense of humor and can be self-deprecating: “I can’t even manage it for a year Mann to my side,” she joked on her YouTube channel about three years ago.

Sarah Mangione is a candidate for “Let’s Dance” 2022

Sarah Mangione can’t remember a Friday night when she was a teenager that was hers parents not “Let’s Dance‘ watched when it was on TV. And now she could make her mother and father very proud, because the actress and presenter is 2022 herself participant at the dance show on RTL. “I’m so incredibly full of pants – and at the same time I’m so incredibly looking forward to this time,” she says before it starts on February 18th. “Joachim Llambi will be so mean to me and I’m so emotional,” says the 31-year-old. She is very much looking forward to the challenge, because she is “usually not the dancing girl”, but rather the one who stands on the edge and holds jackets and handbags, Sarah Mangione jokes.

All candidates of the current season can be found here at a glance.

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