Sandiaga Uno: Support the Creative Economy by Shopping on Local Brand Shopping Day 2021 – The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin, invited all levels of society to participate in advancing Indonesia’s creative economy industry. For example, by buying a local Indonesian brand.

“Let’s continue to support Indonesia’s creative economy. Yes, by shopping on Local Brand Shopping Day 2021,” he said in a virtual conference for Local Brand Shopping Day (HBBL) 2021, Thursday (15/4).

Another effort that people can make to advance the national creative industry is to increase their love for local products. According to him, this will trigger innovation for local industry players to continue to compete.

Meanwhile, Sandiaga said, an effort to increase love for local brands is to be proud to wear them. In fact, on everyday occasions.

“Loving local Indonesian products by using local Indonesian products every day,” he stressed.

Therefore, he appealed to all levels of society not to hesitate to buy local products that are increasingly easy to obtain with high quality. Included in the local Brand Shopping Day (HBBL) 2021 on May 5.

“Moreover, local products are no less special than foreign products,” he said.

Jokowi’s annoyance

Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was still irritated by foreign products dominating the Indonesian market. In fact, he always emphasized that the Ministries, Institutions and BUMNs increase the use of domestic products.

“This domestic component must continue, lest government projects, BUMN, still use imported goods. If they can be locked, (imports) can increase (local) demand which is not small, very big,” said President Jokowi at the opening of the HIPMI Rakernas. 2021 online, Friday (5/3).

Therefore, according to President Jokowi, Indonesia must immediately start a movement to dislike foreign products. The goal is not to be constantly dependent.

“And it must be started, we must really start at least from the government and BUMN, then invite the public to love Indonesian products and not like foreign products,” said President Jokowi.


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