Saint-Jean-de-Verges. Chiva: management takes stock of the social conflict at the hospital

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While the social conflict has been going on for several weeks at Chiva. Director Marie Dunyach and HRD Laurent Benaioun took stock of the situation at the hospital.

For several weeks, the services have been mobilizing in turn to make their voices and their dissatisfaction heard with management. From now on, ten departments of the Intercommunal Hospital Center of the Ariège Valleys have gone on indefinite strike. “These are not easy times to grasp. Dealing with major social conflicts is not something common”, explains the director of the Marie Dunyach hospital, before continuing: “The claims and what is expressed by the teams seems legitimate. There is no desire on my part to minimize the difficulties that are expressed”. Regularly listening to the representatives of the staff unions, the director of the Chiva keeps the discussions open to try to move things forward and that each party reaches an agreement.

A global vision of the hospital

After the meeting and following the promise of the creation of around thirty positions within Chiva deemed “unrealistic” by the strikers, the director of Chiva reaffirmed her desire to improve the working conditions of the staff. while remaining measured: “As head of establishment, I am required to keep a budgetary trajectory to guarantee the viability of the hospital and to allow the financing of projects aimed at improving health and care. of the Ariègeois”.

If the latest announcements from management have not convinced all the strikers, Marie Dunyach remains attentive to the staff: “The proposals that are made concern all the services. It aims to improve the working conditions of the staff and patient care. Of the thirty positions offered, there are still negotiations that are in progress because I hear that it may not be completely suitable. In addition, we have already put actions in place and I dares to hope that the staff sees things improving quickly”.

“Shortage of health personnel”

With a clear desire to recruit staff to relieve those already present, the management is however subject to the difficulty of finding staff in this area. Laurent Benaioun, director of human resources at Chiva explains the reasons for these difficulties: “Unfortunately, the health system in France is in a climate of social tension. There are shortages of resources and workloads which are important. The Covid has exhausted healthcare professionals.” A situation that complicates future recruitment, especially according to the qualifications of professionals. “It is not because we are going to create positions that we will have people in these positions. The labor market is what it is and it should not improve immediately. We will have to that the hospital be inventive to be able to adapt to the fact that we will be working for some time with a shortage of health personnel”, explains the HRD of Chiva. In an attempt to find solutions, the project and the policy put in place by the hospital management go beyond the demands of the services on strike: “There are needs everywhere and which are taken into consideration. We are putting positions where needed, depending on the activities of the services. There is a policy defined in the Ségur de la santé, a policy for maintaining employment and it is all of these levers that the “we act by taking into account at the same time the notices and requests of the strikers. All this is part of a global strategy for the hospital”, concluded the HRD of Chiva.

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