Russia sees no point in Zelensky-Biden-Putin meeting

Photo: Kremlin press service

US not needed for talks on Donbass, Kremlin says

The Ukrainian president offered to hold a meeting with colleagues from Russia and the United States, but the Kremlin sees no point in this.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sees no point in holding a summit with US and Ukrainian Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky, who came up with such an initiative. This was announced on Monday, January 17, by Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, writes TASS.

“Why involve the United States in discussing bilateral Russian-Ukrainian relations when they are now entirely and completely indexed to the progress of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, that is, to be more precise, to the lack of progress? I don’t think that the United States of America is needed for this,” he said. Peskov.

He added that if Zelensky wants to discuss the topic of Donbass, then the Kremlin does not understand what exactly the Ukrainian side wants to discuss with Russia on this matter, because “Russia is not a party to the conflict.”

“There is a question – in the Donbass or not in the Donbass. If I remember correctly, there was no clarification of what it is proposed to talk about as part of the three,” Peskov said.

According to him, “in this case, it is still necessary to find out what Ukrainian opponents propose to discuss with Russia about Donbass.”

“Does this mean that they place more hope in the United States and they place less hope in the Normandy format? Does this mean that they no longer consider it necessary to at least somehow orient themselves towards the fulfillment of the obligations that were recorded in the Normandy format?” format? Unfortunately, there are no answers to all this yet,” Peskov said.

Note that in the US did not give a direct answer about the possibility of a summit of the three presidents, saying that the decision is up to Putin.

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