Rusli Habibie’s Position Pin Released by His Wife After Retiring

Idah Syahidah removes her governor’s pin from her husband Rusli Habibie after attending the inauguration of the Acting Governor at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Jakarta, Thursday (12/5/2022). Rusli is grateful that he was able to finish his 10 years of service for Gorontalo with a good ending. (Photo: Alfred-Discominfotik).

JAKARTA, Kominfotik – The atmosphere of emotion colored the inauguration day of the Acting Governor of Gorontalo Hamka Hendra Noer at the Ministry of Home Affairs Building, Jakarta, Thursday (12/5/2022). This marks the end of the official two terms of Rusli Habibie and Idris Rahim as governor and deputy governor.

After the inauguration, Rusli Habibie accompanied by his wife came out of Building C to the car. A number of high-ranking officials, ASN and a number of legislative members took the time to pay their last respects. Several employees who work near Rusli every day can’t seem to hold back their tears.

“Alhamdulillah, this is the symbol of Garuda for 10 years accompanying me. Small and small like this is difficult to get and difficult to maintain,” said Rusli.

He is grateful that the 10 years in office have been passed well. Rusli is pleased if there are pros and cons to his policies so far.

“Thank God I have completed my 10 years of responsibility. In the eyes of others positive in the eyes of others negative. It’s a common thing. Husband and wife sometimes have different opinions,” he said.

Separately, Gorontalo’s Acting Governor Hamka Hendra Noer gave his inaugural statement. He was grateful for the trust of President Joko Widodo who appointed him. Hamka needs time to consolidate internally for the next step.

Reporter: Isam

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