Robbie Williams sold the house with the ghosts

Robbie Williams PHOTO Reuters

Robbie Williams has finally sold his home in Wiltshire, UK, after years of unable to get rid of the house, which is believed to be inhabited by ghosts, reports BTA. The property, which was announced for sale 12 years ago, is only now finding a new owner, who gives 6.75 million pounds.

The singer bought the 18th-century mansion in 2009 for £ 8 million. It has seven bedrooms, a football pitch, a tennis court, a helicopter pad and a guest house. The singer later admitted that the purchase was impulsive and that he soon regretted it. Robbie Williams did not hide that he was afraid of the energy in the house, especially in one of the rooms, which was briefly the nursery of his daughter Teddy. According to the artist, a tragic event once took place here and he is almost certain that the mansion is inhabited by ghosts.

Soon after, Robbie Williams decided to get rid of the property, but despite regular inspections, a buyer was never found. According to locals, one of the main reasons is not the ghost, but the proximity to the dump, which is half a mile from the house and can be seen from some of the windows upstairs. In September 2021, Robbie made the difficult decision to reduce its price, despite the significant rise in property prices in England at the time.

Williams, his wife Ida and their four children spend most of their time at his £ 24 million mansion overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland, where they moved during the first lockdown in 2020. The singer also owns a mansion in Beverly Hills, and home to £ 17 million in Notting Hill, West London.


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