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Responsible for medicalizar residences in Madrid admits that the care was insufficient for weeks | Madrid


The homes of Madrid were left without medical support relevant until 6 April, as recognised by the high office of the Community of Madrid responsible for that care during the days deadliest of the pandemic. Carlos Mur de Víu says in an interview with this newspaper that day began a “shock plan, ordered”, with the participation of Samur, Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, human resources of the hospitals and professionals of the mutual insurance companies of health, among others. More than 4,200 older had died by the covid-19 in residence until the day following that date, while he was working the “Operation Bug”, a chaotic effort and infradotado to heal the elderly sick while the hospital denied income. The plan was directed by the Cardio Leader. Behind that mark without entity corporate was Incarnation Burgueño, the daughter of Antonio Burgueño, the powerful advisory physician of Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

Mur de Víu, who was director of coordination and social assistance, denies that the reason for the Cardio Leader left the service of medicalization in residences on the 6th of April was the article published in THE COUNTRY that day on Burgueño. “They had a voluntarism is important but it evidently was not the qualified people,” says Mur de Víu the phone. “We saw that there were better alternatives to achieve the medicalization”.

He explains that until that day there was not enough staff to medicalizar residences. “Even the medical students that were recruited ended up in hospitals.”

“It was insufficient to support the residences), but insufficient was all. Missing material and hospital resources of all kinds,” he adds.

As it has been able to find out THE COUNTRY, Incarnation Burgueño coordinated 15 health workers from a private company ambulance, Transamed, who visited nearly 200 homes for 12 days. Transamed entered into the scheme because Burgueñó sent them a signed contract for Mur de Víu.

Despite the fact that it recognizes the existence of the document, Mur de Víu ensures that neither Cardio Leader or Transamed had never an “agreement”. The document was signed by him on the 25th of march and authorize Transamed to “provide their services on the Comprehensive Management of Crisis Covid 19 in the health Centers of the Community of Madrid” of salaried positions.

According to him, the general direction of the Sermas (Madrid Health Service), did not approve the contract. “You never made any payment to any account, among other things because the general direction of Coordination and Social assistance does not have a budget”.

Admits that it is unfair that Transamed have worked without pay or see their work recognized. He adds that Burgueño, could cause a misunderstanding. “We will have to see how it can be done. I understand the point of view of Transamed and if you have to talk to them it will be done”. Mur de Víu was dismissed on may 13, replaced by the geriatrician Javier Martinez Peromingo. Ayuso praised in a tweet your task during the crisis: “Carlos Mur has done a great job in the residences of older people, and is one of the people that have contributed most to stem the crisis on them. This change –anything – has to do with their work; we are renewing the Counseling and count with him”.

Incarnation Burgueño refused to give statements to this newspaper. His father was the promoter of the idea of medicalizar residences, a proposal made by the 11 march at the Community. But denied to this newspaper that his daughter was medicalizando residences thanks to him. “At some point contacted with the Community seeing the distress to be had. Someone told me,” he says. “When it came out in the newspaper, stopped doing so but I don’t know why. It was legitimate. If they got something effective should be recognized in the honor roll of the pandemic.”

Do you know of cases of discrimination or irregularities in a residence of the Community of Madrid? Contact with the reporters of the section of Madrid [email protected] or [email protected] or send them a message on Twitter to @FernandoPeinado or @jdquesada

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