Reports: Amazon’s new mmo destroys graphics cards

Amazon opened a closed beta test of the upcoming online role-playing game New World for invited players the other day. Some of these have been hit by a troublesome error, reports PC Gamer.

Several players with Nvidia’s worsting card Geforce RTX 3090 from the manufacturer EVGA have in fact been affected by the fact that the graphics card has suddenly died out and must be replaced by the manufacturer, something that may take a while given the prevailing component shortage.

Reports on, among other things Reddit and the game’s own forum describes how players have been inside the menus and made changes when the screen has suddenly gone out while the fans have accelerated to maximum speed. After restarting, the screen has not woken up and an ominous red LED lights up on the card.

A circulating speculation is that the game has no limit on the frame rate in the menus, which leads to it spitting out over 9,000 frames per second and quickly overheating and destroying one or more components before the built-in software has time to detect it and reduce performance.

Amazon has announced that it is aware of “a few cases” that are being investigated, and that an update will be released that limits the frame rate in the menus.


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