Refugee Mastermind Assassination of Haitian President Stops in Jamaica


The fugitive is the main mastermind behind the murder Haitian President Jovenel Moise stopped in Jamaica. Jamaican authorities have arrested former Haitian senator John Joel Joseph for masterminding the murder.

The following is the chronology of the arrest of former Haitian senator John Joel Joseph as reported by AFP, Sunday (16/1/2022):

Chronology of Arrests of Former Haitian Senator

The Jamaican Police Force (JCF) confirmed “that a Haitian national; Jean Joel Joseph and three other members (of) his family were arrested in Jamaica on immigration-related charges,”

Jamaican investigators contacted Haitian authorities who said Joseph was “wanted in Haiti as a suspect in the alleged assassination of the Haitian President in 2021,” he added.

Joseph was arrested in a house in St. Elizabeth, a parish in the southwest of the island.

A Jamaican police source told AFP that Joseph “is in custody at the moment.”

The source said Jamaican police were acting in conjunction with an “international law enforcement partner” and that a “joint investigation” was underway.

An arrest warrant was issued for Joseph right after the assassination of the President of Haiti, which authorities described as “armed and dangerous.” Joseph was an opposition senator and a fierce critic of the president.

Assassination of the President of Haiti

On July 7, 2021, Haitian President Jovenel Moise was reportedly killed in an attack in the early hours of the morning at around 01.00 local time. A group of assailants armed with rifles killed him at his private residence in Port-au-Prince.

Apart from Joseph, his wife, Martine Moise, was also shot. But at that time he managed to survive despite suffering from bullet wounds.

Days after Moise’s murder, National Police Chief Leon Charles said Joseph was a key player in the murder. Joseph is accused of supplying weapons and planning a meeting.


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