Receipt lottery, instant prizes arrive: how it works

A more attractive and simple receipt lottery, which allows you to know immediately if you are a winner. The government decided to change the current version which turned out to be a flop. The new one, already agreed, will be included, as the Mef informs, in the first useful legislative measure, most likely in the simplification.

New receipt lottery, instant winnings

The new receipt lottery will be very similar to the current “Scratch and Win”, thus an instant contest. The change, which will move it away from traditional lotteries with extractions, is considered necessary because it has not achieved the basic objective, which is to combat tax evasion by pushing merchants to install POS and issue tax receipts.

New receipt lottery, registration

With the new receipt lottery, it will always be mandatory to register, using your tax code, at the Revenue Agency website. In this way you will get your own code that you will have to present at the checkout at the time of purchases.

Receipt lottery, the flop

The receipt lottery was not very successful, just think that, according to the data of the Customs and Monopoly Agency, only in March 2021 (when it came into force) the monthly receipts associated with the lottery had reached the maximum peak of 25 thousand units, subsequently there was a constant contraction. Last fall, the monthly number dropped to just over 5,000. Low numbers, despite the amount of prizes: an annual super prize of 1 million euros is foreseen.

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