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Rainbow Six Siege to offer more realistic explosions – News


Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s tactical FPS is constantly evolving to offer ever more dynamic matches and an ever more comfortable experience. With the addition of different updates, the title has always offered new playable Agents and new game mechanics. Today, it seems that the title wants to go further … After wishing to modify the meta of the game , the developers now add that the explosions will be much more deadly in the coming weeks.

After announcing to players that new gadgets will be in the possession of attacking players, Ubisoft declares that the effects of the various explosions will change as soon as Operation Void is launched. The latter will have a larger breath and more realistic behaviors. New settings that will allow players to better locate them. Indeed, the walls and other barriers will now be sprayed, which means that being sheltered behind a wall is no longer necessarily the right solution to survive.

Ubisoft says the changes have been made to make the damage more realistic. At this very moment, a charge of C4 does more damage outside than inside a building, the fault of an absence of wall or other object that can shelter the Agents, but during the launching of the Operation Void, this problem will no longer be topical. The damage will therefore be the same for everyone.

This new modification may seem today to be only a minor contribution, but in the long term, the redesign of the explosions can drastically change the many strategies established by the players of Rainbow Six Siege. All the new mechanics of the game, such as the arrival of new gadgets, redesigning cards or the agent Tachanka, allow the tactical FPS to constantly renew itself and not tire players. A choice which of course echoes Ubisoft’s new wishes. The French company recently mentioned that the game will also available on ninth generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Void shows on video

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