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Rafael Nadal:”The players aged, will not necessarily be the beneficiaries of that judgment”


Many among the fans and insiders have speculated that this prolonged shutdown due to the pandemic could be an advantage, especially for the more experienced players, who have had time to rest and perhaps to prolong their careers.

The whole world does not think so. Rafael Nadal, for example, has expressed some doubts in speaking from his home in Mallorca. The former world number 1 will attempt this year to hang the 20 titles from the Slam of Roger Federer, who will not be able to play in 2020 after having suffered a new knee operation.

The phenomenon switzerland will not return to the field before the start of the season 2021.

Rafael Nadal : “I am passionate about my return to the circuit”

“I think that the stops longer for the body to be more aged, are more difficult for the body to be more young people because it is more difficult to go back to 100 %,” said the Spanish international journalists via Zoom the day after his 34th birthday.

“But at the same time, of course, we also have the experience. I have the experience of injuries that I’ve had in the past, so in a way, we know how to get back.

I can’t tell you if we will be able to play longer or not – and we will never know. We will never know what would have happened if the pandemic had not occurred. I am in a country where we have not been able to get out of the house for two and a half months,” said Rafael Nadal.

He continued “I’ve only been able to train me these past two weeks. During the two and a half months previous, I couldn’t even hold a racquet in my hand because I don’t have a tennis court at home.

I live in an apartment. As you can imagine, I need to proceed step by step. I am just trying to avoid injury. It is essential today.

To avoid injury, I must train myself not to not and increase the amount of work each week. I’m not training every day. I do takes me only a few days a week and I’m not training three hours” “Sometimes, I train for an hour only, sometimes for an hour and a half, that’s all.

I am just trying to prepare myself positively to what might happen in the coming two months. I have the passion to get back on the circuit and continue to play, with a bit of luck for a few more years, and continue to enjoy one of the things I love the most, that is to say, to play tennis in a stadium full with the energy of the crowd,” concluded Rafael Nadal, winner of the Grand Slam tournament on 19 occasions.


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