Radev “bans” sole prime minister, GERB declares him 5th in quadruple coalition (Obzor)

l Warn future rulers to defend the national interest in the subject for the EU membership of RS Macedonia, asks Will the BSP participate in judicial reform?

l We are aware of our responsibility this time to there is a government, Kiril Petkov replied

GERB was the second political party that President Rumen Radev met with yesterday during the cabinet consultations.  PHOTO: NIKOLAI LITOV

GERB was the second political party that President Rumen Radev met with yesterday during the cabinet consultations. PHOTO: NIKOLAI LITOV

The new government will be a “facelift” of the incumbent, and the coalition will be not four, but five – with a presidential quota.

This is how GERB described the future government after its meeting with President Rumen Radev. The head of state began talks with parliamentary forces on Monday before handing over the first term to form a government. This is expected to happen this week.

Radev promised GERB that just as he was critical of their government, he would point out the mistakes of the future.

“We have informed the president that

we will keep it


since he

has appointed



explained the deputy head of GERB Tomislav Donchev. He described the government, which is currently being formed with the mandate of the PP, as a “facelift” of the official. GERB strongly objected to Radev’s statement that the two cabinets of Stefan Yanev have stabilized the state. Daniel Mitov again reminded that GERB is against Boyko Rashkov remaining Minister of Interior because he is trying to restore “a forgotten repressive past”.

The question is what has been achieved in recent months to be upgraded and to move forward, not backward. You understand these new realities and we expect really constructive and responsible behavior of a strong opposition, which you have declared you will be, the President addressed the people of Boyko Borissov.

“Months of squabbling and repression marked this year. The strongest in relation to the members and supporters of GERB-UDF “, however, the head of the deputies from the coalition Desislava Atanasova replied.

She confirmed that GERB will not support the future government. But he promised that if he needed help and advice, he would get it.

Every mistake will

be illuminated,

will be pointed out, Atanasova also vowed.

Before GERB on “Dondukov” 2 entered Kiril Petkov, Asen Vassilev and deputies from “We continue the change”.

An effective coalition government can only exist if there is mutual respect between the partners. The time of the sole prime minister is over, they were greeted by the head of state.

I am convinced that you realize what a huge responsibility rests on you, Radev told the representatives of the PP.

He assured that the presidential institution is open for dialogue and cooperation with the future government “within its competences and powers.”

Without directly naming RS Macedonia, the president warned Petkov and Vassilev that society expects consistent positions and professional actions from Bulgarian diplomacy regarding EU enlargement, upholding the rights of Bulgarian citizens, our national identity, history and culture.

What happened on election night, both with us and with you, is a huge responsibility. We realize that it is absolutely necessary to have a regular government that will fully protect the Bulgarian interest, to solve urgent problems.

Government with

full term

and working


replied Kiril Petkov.

He told the president how the negotiation process between the 4 parties went and about the ready-made coalition agreement.

Radev told the BSP that society expects the party to be a strong social vector in the new government.

He asked the Socialists for their position on judicial reform. The problem in the prosecutor’s office is both systemic and personal, and it is important for me to know to what extent you share this and what you are ready to offer to solve this problem, Radev said.

The problem in the judiciary is systemic and regardless of the name of the Prosecutor General, his powers should be limited and judicial control should be imposed on his acts, which are not currently subject to such, to close the specialized prosecutor’s office and court, to changed the structure and system of work of KPKONPI. We are clear and consistent in our will to change the judiciary to lead to fair justice, said Social Leader Cornelia Ninova.

We understand the responsibility of the moment, the responsibility that is expected of us, said Ninova. We made efforts in the talks with the partners, we gave our expertise and will for changes, she added.

Ninova told the media that they talked with the president mainly about the budget.

One of our absolute priorities is

to be adopted quickly

the budget

she was adamant. We have already started discussions in some of the important parts. We are pleased that they agreed to increase the deficit from 2.4%, as proposed by the caretaker government, to 4%, Ninova added. She suggested that the budget would be adopted in January due to lack of time.


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