World Police is doing raids in neonazigroepering

Police is doing raids in neonazigroepering


The police has, in the four federal states of incursions made by members of the extreme right-wing group Nordadler (northern bald eagle). Prime Minister Seehofer of the Interior, the group has this morning banned. It is not clear whether people are being arrested or the things to be seized are to be taken.

The group is especially active online, and spread far-right ideology and anti-semitism through social media channels like Telegram, Instagram, and Discord. Also, through these channels, the new members have been recruited, and extremist attacks have been approved, such as the attack on a synagogue in Halle, germany in the previous year. In addition, two deaths. The members of the Nordadler think of themselves as members of the nazileider of Adolf Hitler.

The raids are part of a large-scale operation against extreme right-wing in Germany. Earlier this year, prohibiting Seehofer, the neonazigroeperingen, Combat 18, and United the German Peoples, and Tribes.


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