World Point of services offered to MRE in these times...

Point of services offered to MRE in these times of covid-19


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June 22, 2020 – 09: 30 –
Moroccans of the world

Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) have addressed 3659 matches to the cell standby and guidance put in place by the ministry delegate to the minister of foreign Affairs, cooperation, african and of Moroccans living abroad, in charge of Moroccans living abroad (MRE) after the onset of the sars coronavirus.

After the creation of this cell in the previous day and orientation, a permanent team responding to the various issues of the MRE, the oriente, since march 16, 2020. At the date of 19 June, this body has received 3659 messages on its website and its page Facebook, informed the department delegate.

The majority of these matches (98%) focus on the consequences of the pandemic of the covid-19 while the rest of the questions were requests for transfer of mortal remains or information on the administrative procedures, the report says. Most of the requests received were particularly interested in the european countries, headed by France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, the united arab Emirates, and the netherlands, continues to pursue the ministry.

The ministry has also set up a cell to receive complaints at a distance and available phone numbers to ensure continuity of services related to the receipt of complaints or information requests of the MRE. During the period from 16 march and 19 June, this cell has received 4109 telephone calls in the form of complaints and information requests, in addition to the calls received by the decentralised services (the homes of the Moroccans of the world) to Beni Mellal, Tiznit and Nador, it was specified.

Other action : the creation of a network of medical competence moroccan in the world. This network has made available 40 doctors and specialists residing in 9 countries (France-Belgium-USA-Canada-Switzerland-Germany-Spain-Morocco-Italy), which offers medical and psychological assistance to Moroccans residing abroad during the period of containment, health and during the duration of this pandemic, having regard to its physical and psychological effects on sufferers and those who have lost their loved ones.


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