Persija Jakarta Young Duo, Scored Goals Because There Was No Choice & While Shocked

Persija Jakarta won again in the next week of Liga 1 2021/22, against Persita Tangerang. The 2-1 victory was obtained thanks to the duo of their young players, namely wing-back Rio Fahmi and Taufik Hidayat.

Rio replaced Marco Motta’s role in the right sector of the Kemayoran Tiger team’s defense. Rio scored a goal that was not sad because from a very narrow angle. Rio bravely overlapped, and apparently he was ‘forced’ to kick straight into the goal.

“What is certain is that I am grateful for my first goal in Liga 1. Moreover, this season is my debut in Liga 1. Certainly grateful and happy to be able to score goals for Persija,” said Rio, who is still 20 years old, as quoted by Persija’s official website.

“When overlap what is on my mind is to be sure that I can get the ball from Kaka Valdo (Osvaldo Haay). When I was dribbling the ball forward I had no other choice because at that time Marko Simic was already guarded by two opposing players. So like it or not I have to shooting and did not expect the ball to go into the goal, “he explained.

Unlike Rio, Taufik is also heroic because he was able to determine Persija’s victory thanks to his goal. He came on for Marko Simic in the second half and said he was surprised when the ball landed at his feet.

“Hopefully this will be a momentum for me to keep scoring goals. Hopefully it can be even better in the future,” said Taufik.

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“Actually I was a bit surprised because the ball was suddenly in front of me. I immediately dribbled the ball towards the goal. Was a little confused because I wanted to placing but the goalkeeper had read so I just kicked it slowly and was grateful that it ended in a goal,” said the 22-year-old striker.

“Obviously I want to say thank you and thank God because we were able to win this match. Hopefully this will be a good start for the team going forward.”

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