Paul Craig Roberts: Russia is the last remaining Christian country

Christmas, which we celebrated recently, as an occasion to think about why the West is erasing its national memory

The author, Paul Craig Roberts, holds a doctorate in economics and was the US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Ronald Reagan administration. He has worked as an editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek and Scripps Howard News Service. He was the author of a regular column in the Washington Times at the time. He is the author of numerous books on the greatest problems of our time.

At a press conference at the end of the year, Russian President Putin said that a woman is a woman and a man a man, and expressed confidence that religious denominations in the Russian Federation will have the moral strength to oppose the invasion of corrupt and degenerate Western values. .

Alas, there are no such moral foundations in the Western world. The West has broken away from its past and is hesitant to assume that it can survive by educating its youth in disbelief in the West itself. The goal of Western education is to devalue Western youth and alienate them from Western culture. That’s why carefree families pay their taxes for this education.

Every year, in my Christmas column, I note that the voices that connect us to the past are demonized and erased, leaving us in a country without a foundation. In addition, Hollywood, television, media, the Internet, and education systems at all levels and in every state are working openly or secretly to rewrite the history of Western culture as the work of white racism that must be removed.

The goal of public schools is to become an enterprise for brainwashing children to make them feel guilty about the color of their skin and to inspire the self-confidence of children BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color – blacks, indigenous people and colored). Parents are protesting, but ideological anti-school councils are ignoring them.

In other words, what education is doing in the Western world is destroying white ethnic groups and elevating immigrant invaders.

Western education has already given birth to a generation that has no idea who they are. “Western civilization must go” was the student slogan at American universities in the 1960s. For decades, few graduates of these educational institutions have read a word from Shakespeare. In fact, their level of English is so low that they can’t read it. The literary and artistic metaphors used to convey a certain meaning are unknown to them. The classical literature of Western civilization, which reveals the real problems of life, has been replaced by the complaints and whines of the minority.

In fact, education systems produce illiterate barbarians. Today’s smartest are the stupidest of all. These are brainless prodigies who make police control devices and robotics, and all of this is necessary for the digital revolution.

The goal of the digital revolution is to deprive human life of independence, purpose and meaning. They won’t even let us drive. Privacy is not only a vanishing value; and it is a word whose meaning is incomprehensible to all but the very old.

George Santayana said that “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” It did not even occur to him that people would soon appear, even entire countries without a past.

European cities, which survived the massive bombings of them by British and Americans during World War II, have their ancient buildings, cathedrals and narrow streets that remind people of their past. But not for Americans. In the United States, everything is constantly changing. Neighborhoods are collapsing and reappearing as something else.

I live in an old Florida neighborhood that was a charming, quiet, and beautiful place a few years ago. Today, almost every house has been demolished and the plots are divided and rebuilt. Mass commercial leases have appeared everywhere, which can accommodate 20 to 30 people, although there is a ban on this “zoning”. A living community with a history has fallen victim to outsiders, real estate speculators and entrepreneurs and is now inhabited by holidaymakers, 20 or more times its previous population.

If a person who lived here 10 years ago returns today, he will not recognize these places. His home no longer exists. His neighbors’ houses no longer exist. There is no longer anything for him to remember.

This is happening to whole cities. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but today I can’t find my way around that city. All significant landmarks have disappeared.

Now the cities are removing the monuments that embody the memory, the names of the streets that embody the memory, the names of the schools that embody the memory to purify all this, suggesting that this is the racist past.

When the Governor of Virginia ordered the demolition and destruction of the statue of Robert Lee (Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate Army and one of the most famous American military leaders of the 19th century), we saw more than the success of critical racial theory in brainwashing dementia. governor of Virginia, in the state legislature of Virginia and in the media of Virginia, but also an agreement to erase the memory. Americans have become a nation without a past.

All Western nations no longer exist. Nations become states without borders, as long as there is only a limited limit to the influx of peoples with foreign languages, cultures and behaviors. All Western nations are one Tower of Babel. In Europe, religious life is found only among Islamist immigrant invaders. And mosques are being built everywhere. I often ask when the last time a Christian church was built in Europe or Great Britain.

Even the most famous Christian cathedral in Europe, Notre Dame, is being restored as a multicultural sanctuary with street art and frescoes of contemporary art, which use lighting to create “emotional spaces” instead of confessional in the medieval integrity of this Christian cathedral. In fact, Notre Dame and therefore Christianity have been subjected to vandalism and falsification, and the Pope seems to have signed it.

So what is the West when the West exists without nations, without Christianity and without a past?

He is nothing. And this is what both the Russians and the Chinese are beginning to see.

Every great family and every great civilization has its roots in sin and crime. What the Western world has forgotten is that it has its roots in achievements – moral, artistic, cultural, economic, political. We must not forget that man is a fallen being. There are good and evil who fight for his soul. Christianity gave the powerless a voice capable of opposing the voice of brute force. It was this voice, combined with material interests, that led to the creation of a government accountable to those who elected it, which in itself was subject to the rule of law.

Today, the rule of law is disappearing. The US Constitution is torn to pieces. Everyone has become a tyrannical dictator. Not only presidents, chancellors, and prime ministers, but employers, school boards, university administrations, mayors, governors, airlines, restaurants, and sports organizations issue orders that violate Nuremberg laws established by the United States for tribunals that tried world war crimes in World War II. war. Now the Washington government is refusing to submit to its own creation, and believes that Big Pharma’s profits and control of citizens and possibly their darker goals are more important than the rule of law.

The “mass media, these watch dogs” of democracy are silent about this crime, but are squealing about the criminal agenda. In other words, today there is no honest media to hold the government accountable so that it does not do what it wants. And this is the definition of tyranny.

(Translation for “Trud” – Pavel Pavlov)


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